Opening Plan Template

The City College of New York
Research Reopening Plan Template

1) Name of PI/responsible party. This person is responsible for ensuring compliance with this Plan. Failing to follow this plan will result in restrictions up to and including immediate shutdown of the offending research lab or area.

2) Describe the prioritization plan for group members, based on funding sources, deadlines, degree completion, mode of transportation to campus, etc.

3) Describe the steps that will be taken to minimize personnel density, allow for social distancing, and reduce the chances for transmission. These steps must be consistent with CDC guidelines, New York State guidelines, City of New York guidelines and applicable University and College policies. Include the following information:

  1. A description of the of areas or locations (size, configuration, shared or single space, etc.) where people may be present, such as the lab, project space, and areas with common equipment;
  2. The number of people that will be in the area/space at any one time and how that number minimizes personnel density and will generally provide for distancing of at least 6 feet.
  3. A description of anticipated work schedules, including staggering, alternate days, partial days or other adjustment and how work schedules minimize personnel density and provide for general distancing of 6 feet.
  4. If coordination with other research groups or labs who might also use the space or area is required describe how will you coordinate access to minimize personnel density.
  5. A description of situations or conditions where individuals will need to be in close proximity to perform work, operate equipment, travel, etc. and what steps will be taken to minimize contact time and lessen transmission risk.
  6. A description of any barriers, partitions or other methods to physically separate people that will be used.
  7. A description of any special PPE requirements beyond required cloth face coverings that will be required.
  8. A description of any work that cannot be done while wearing PPE or a cloth face covering and steps that will be taken to minimize the potential for viral spread.

4) All users are expected to clean common touch points in the lab using an EPAregistered cleaning product or a 70% alcohol solution.

  1. Describe how this will be accomplished and monitored.
  2. Describe any equipment or areas that cannot be disinfected daily and what steps will be done to decrease the possibility of transmission.

5) How will you monitor compliance with this safety plan and all other campus, City, and State guidelines?

6) Describe how you will communicate with team members, including sharing any changes to this plan, schedules, etc.

7) List all personnel who will be conducting research on campus. By signing this form, they are attesting that they have read the plan in its entirety and agree to comply.

Name Position Signature Date