Standard Chartered Bossgirls 2022 Summer Program: Aspiring Entrepreneurs Tackle the UN's SDGs

This summer the CCNY campus was abuzz with the energy only high schoolers can generate. Thirty five students representing cities across New York and New Jersey were here for the Bossgirls Program. Sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank’s Futuremakers Initiative and powered by the Zahn Innovation Center, Bossgirls teaches high school girls about entrepreneurship utilizing an experiential learning model.  

Our first time back on campus since 2019, and we were just as excited as the girls! This is our sixth year and the first time we implemented a hybrid model. The program commenced on July 5, and was a blend of live virtual and in-person sessions.

Week 1 was on campus. The girls entered the classroom on the first day with curiosity, trepidation, and excitement. By the end of the week, we had glimpses of their individual personalities and interests. The students quickly bonded with each other, forming a cohesive cohort.

With a focus on social entrepreneurship and developing business acumen, we used the lean startup methodology to guide the bossgirls through a simulated creation of a startup. We began our journey learning about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The students selected five of the seventeen goals to address. They chose:

  • # 3 - Good Health and Well-Being
  • # 4 - Quality Education
  • # 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation
  • # 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • # 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

After researching these SDGs, the bossgirls identified a specific problem to solve. Each team then developed a business plan and pitch deck, reflecting their unique perspectives. Their plans included market research, competitive analysis, business financials and a prototype. Throughout the program, thirty three Standard Chartered employees volunteered their time to work closely with the teams providing mentorship and insight. An additional group of industry professionals joined us as guest lecturers and pitching coaches.

Having access to role models is important. We brought in women entrepreneurs to share their experiences founding companies. Being able to speak directly with CEOs and presidents, was enlightening and inspiring for the bossgirls.  Our guest speakers included Amy Divaraniya of  Oova, Yan Lawrence of The Regime, and Deepali Vyasthe of Fearless+. All are CEO and founder of their respective companies. This is in addition to our instructors Georgie-Ann Getton, Kesia Hudson, and most of our presenters and industry mentors.

The program culminated with our Bossgirls Finale, on August 4. With family, friends, mentors and staff in attendance, in person and via the live stream, our bossgirls took the stage at Standard Chartered’s midtown headquarters.  Each team had 3 minutes to present followed by 2 minutes of Q&A from the audience. Our bossgirls masterfully pitched their startup ideas. Each demonstrated the knowledge, skills and confidence achieved during this program. We’re so proud of them and we are excited to see what is next for our bossgirls!


Bossgirls group photo

Bossgirls 2022 Cohort: 

Team: A.S.K.

Team Members: Kimberly, Shradda

SDG Goal: 3. Good Health and Well-Being
Problem Statement: 27 million people struggling with mental illness go untreated in the U.S. due to access and cost

Solution: provide easy access to resources to help people improve and maintain a positive state of mental health

Team: Resort EDU 

Team Members: Adela, Julie, Marian

SDG Goal:4. Quality Education

Problem Statement:  As of this year, 45 million American students have student loan debt totaling over a trillion dollars, and it takes on average more than 20 years to pay off the loans.

Solution: Online portal that provides resources and employment opportunities to help manage and pay off the debt

Team: IVY Desk

Team Members: Jade, Joanne, Vedasri

SDG Goal: 4. Quality Education

Problem Statement:  Over the Covid-19 pandemic, many educators struggled to make the transition from in person classroom learning to online learning, exposing vulnerabilities in school curriculums.

Solution: Create a portal that equips teachers with adequate skills on how to navigate technology, ultimately improving how students learn for future generations

Team: Rizz

Team Members: Khyathi, Lihie, Mehr, Shruti, Viktoriya

SDG Goal: 3. Good Health and Well-Being

Problem Statement: After the height of the pandemic young adults find it hard to find people with similar interests and connect in real life due to feelings of anxiety and distrust.  

Solution: Help young adults connect based on interests instead of looks, and build real and intimate relationships

Team: The Purple Elephant

Team Members: Emilia, Kaitlyn

SDG Goal: 3. Good Health and Well-Being

Problem Statement: There is an underserved need for qualified service providers for  individuals with Alzheimer's.

Solution: Create an online platform that educates, trains and certifies caretakers 

Team: Miss Planet

Team Members: Mia, Sophie, Sydney

SDG Goal: 6. Clean Water and Sanitation

Problem Statement: Pipeline construction, use and spillage damages the environment, the surrounding ecosystems and communities.

Solution: Centralized information on constructions and spills, clean ups and emergency resources

Team: Reduce, Reusing, Supplies (RRS)

Team Members: Imanie, Nicole

SDG Goal: 4. Quality Education

Problem Statement: Underfunded schools place the burden of providing supplies on the teachers and parents, additionally many new or under-utilized school supplies are tossed away by graduating students that no longer need them.

Solution: Create local donation campaigns as well as student-run clubs in high schools to collect materials no longer needed

Team: Aware Ability

Team Members: Isabel, Layla, Nancy 

SDG Goal: 4. Quality Education

Problem Statement: 29% of students between the age of 14-17 suffer from ADHD or ADD in the U.S. 

Solution: An online tool that minimizes distractions and provides the student with support to improve focus

Team: Flora Center

Team Members: Awa, Brianna, Gabriela, Mahiat, Malika, Pearl

SDG Goal: 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Problem Statement: There are over 90,000 homeless people in NYC, They lack dependable access to shelter, food and employment.

Solution: Create an urban-based housing and agricultural training program

Team: Closet Cleanse 

Team Members: Allison, Hannah, Jigna, Roxanne, Sally 

SDG Goal: 12. Responsible Consumption and Production

Problem Statement: Fast fashion is the cheapest and most accessible option for clothing purchase, however it negatively impacts our resources and environment.

Solution: A pickup and delivery service where customers can donate and exchange used clothes for newer ones

Thank you so much to Standard Chartered for sponsoring the Bossgirls Program. Its generosity makes this programming possible. With gratitude, we also acknowledge everyone who worked with us.

Staff Instructors 

Georgie-Ann Getton 

Kesia Hudson


Staff Teaching Assistants 

Sarah Chowdhury

Erezana Morina

Ariana Sampson

Standard Chartered Mentors

Martha Adeline

Samira Al Otaibi

Ganesh Asirvathan

Josephine Barcelon

John Brunetti

Kristen Castillo

Amanda Cruz

Neesha Das

Alexandra Davis

Kishell Davis

Monica Gordon

Anita Gray

Brian Heiman

Grace Henschel

Osamwonyi Igbineweka

Aarti Jaisinghani

Crystal Joyce

Mary McAnally

Mariana Naccarato

Hind Naciri

Chantele Pereira

Valerie Pholpituke

Andrew Pietro

Randi Pivnick

Ann-Marie Reddish

Douglas Rochman

Sabah Shoshi

Loyiso Siqaza

Giap Tjan

Sachi Vaz

Laura Wang

Su-Lin Watson

Derrick Yeboah

Guest Presenters 

Hope Alcocer

Jarlyne Batista Monzon

Brian Heiman

Steven Monzon

Christina Torres

Industry Mentors 

Jill Dyer, Deutsche Bank

Sierra Lattuca, Bella Zoia

Katherine Olives, AWS

Brandon Shin, Clearhaven Capital Management

Kim Wales, CrowdBureau

Matthew Washington, Phipps Houses

Founder Talks

Amy Divaraniya, Oova

Yan Lawrence, The Regime

Deepali Vyas, Fearless+


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