We are excited to be working with these amazing student-led ventures in this year's Venture Incubator and Competition Program! Kaylie Hardware Track BSTS - Better Safe Than Sorry enhances oven safety against fire and smoke from unattended cooking accidents. CarbonCLAIR - improves air quality by filtering carbon dioxide and particulate matter. Flyupav - building inspection company that maintains the structural integrity of building. Tracking Alert Device - TAD is a reliable tracking device that gives parents peace of mind to allow their adolescents to enjoy their… Read More »

Representing diverse neighborhoods in New York and New Jersey, 26 high school students can now proudly proclaim themselves Bossgirls and join this ever-expanding entrepreneurship community as the seventh cohort. Sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank’s Futuremakers Initiative and powered by the Zahn Innovation Center, Bossgirls teaches high school girls and non-binary students about entrepreneurship utilizing an experiential learning model. On July 5, we kicked off our first fully in-person program post pandemic, back on the historic campus of The City College of New York. In room… Read More »

If you have been following us, you know that we have been collecting applications for our 2023 Venture Incubator and Competition. Over the past weeks, we have worked with external judges to narrow down the entries. The top teams were interviewed by Zahn staff, who then selected the semi-finalists to join our 2023 competition cohort.  We will begin working with these teams in February. The students will complete our Lean Startup Bootcamp, conduct customer research, work towards completion of an MVP for their startups, and prepare pitch decks.  They will also meet with… Read More »

The Zahn Innovation Center fosters a community of changemakers. Encouraging young entrepreneurs to explore their creativity through startups has been one of the main focuses of the center. November 19th is Women's Entrepreneurship Day.  A global recognition of women and their contributions to the entrepreneurial community. We are highlighting the founders that achieved outstanding results in the 2022 Zahn Innovation Center Competition -- Carella, Hybridraw, and I AM LIT. Carella and I AM LIT were grand prize winners in the Standard Chartered Women+Tech competition and the… Read More »

This summer the CCNY campus was abuzz with the energy only high schoolers can generate. Thirty five students representing cities across New York and New Jersey were here for the Bossgirls Program. Sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank’s Futuremakers Initiative and powered by the Zahn Innovation Center, Bossgirls teaches high school girls about entrepreneurship utilizing an experiential learning model.   Our first time back on campus since 2019, and we were just as excited as the girls! This is our sixth year and the first time we implemented a hybrid model. The program… Read More »

Amy Divaraniya, the founder and CEO of OOva, will tell you she had no intention of becoming an entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, she avoided taking any business courses during undergraduate studies, but as fate would have it, Amy was destined to be an entrepreneur. Instead of business, Amy gravitated towards science with a focus on biology. She was interested in the intersection of biology and technology. Getting her masters degree in bioinformatics merged these two sectors for her. After graduating, Amy joined a large pharmaceutical company. It was a challenging environment… Read More »

Congratulations to all our startups for making it this far, your hard work paid off! We're excited to announce the grand prize winners across our four tracks, including I AM LIT(Zahn Social Impact), Hobbs (Kaylie Hardware), Autism Bridge(Zahn Software), and Carella (Standard Chartered Women+Tech). Each of these teams were awarded $25,000 for the development of their businesses.       Second place prizes of $5,000 went to Healing Arts (Zahn Social), Guardian (Kaylie Hardware), ARLE Clothing(Zahn Software), and HybridRaw (Standard Chartered Women+… Read More »

I am pleased to share our 2021 annual report with you. (Click the post title to see the links!)   The significant successes presented here are a reflection of the efforts and passion of a large community. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this community, to be working with our program participants, and to be connecting with stakeholders and partners. As we enter the spring season, we are excited to be welcoming students back on campus and back to programs both online and in person. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events or as supporters of our programs!… Read More »

  Oftentimes when we speak of Women’s History Month we reference events that occurred many years ago. We think of the generations that preceded us and overlook what is happening now. For this year’s Her Story Month, Standard Chartered and the Zahn Innovation Center celebrated the historical impact our community members are currently making. We hosted two events, beginning with International Women’s Day. Katherine Olives, Bossgirls Program Manager, spoke with Yoelle Gulko, a sophomore at Washington University and Elizabeth Shvarts, a senior at Staten Island Technical High… Read More »

The Standard Chartered Women’s Entrepreneurship Program at the Zahn Innovation Center kicked off its spring speaker series with a Black History Month Founder Talk with Joy Fowler. She is the  co-founder of A MIRacle Foundation, Inc. In 2012, A MIRacle Foundation, Inc. was formed by Joy and her husband Allen after the loss of their son, Amir. Amir had a neurological disorder, developmental delays, and was deemed medically fragile by age five. He was 13 years old when he succumbed to this degenerative disorder. When he passed away, Joy knew she had to do something for his… Read More »

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