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Alumni Spotlight

Check out the three featured alumni who participated in October's alumni Q&A discussions!

Mikhael Simmonds

Mikhael Simmonds (2011) 
is a multimedia journalist  specializing in international reporting. He has worked with the New York Amsterdam News, Democracy Now!,GritTV, Seeds of Africa, YMCA International, and the UN Department of Public  
Information and NGO Relations. He is currently the Northeast manager of newsrooms and the 
multimedia lead for the Solutions Journalism Network.

Reem Elisa

Reem Aliessa (2014) 
has held a position as Community Relations Coordinator at Success Academy Charter Schools in NYC and in NYC Civic Corps managing 
the volunteer program at the Arab American Association of NY. She was a Global Partnerships Intern  at The Rockefeller Foundation, and is currently the Program Assistant at  Citi Foundation, providing administrative and project management support to the program and Citi Volunteers teams.

Jessika Brok

Jessika Brock (2011) 
has worked for the Prisoner Reentry Institute at John Jay College, the Center for Nonviolence
and Social Justice at Drexel University and, currently, as a grants coordinator the American Friends Service Committee, focusing on grassroots organizing and international peacekeeping

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Class of 1991

- Eduardo Almeida (Brazil) is Director of the Brazil Business Development Center in Taiwan


- Jim Krane (USA) completed the Master’s Program at the Columbia School of Journalism and was most recently headed the AP bureau in Baghdad


- Lise Afoy (Guadeloupe) received a Master's degree in Anthropology from Columbia University and is now working in a French Bank in Manhattan*


- Yonas Araya (Eritrea) returned to Eritrea after the war was over


- Ousmane Kobo (Ghana) completed his Ph.D. History at the University of Wisconsin and is teaching at Gettysburg College while holding a post-doctoral fellowship 

Class of 1992

- Emsgatte Antoine (Haiti) received a Masters degree in Intercultural Management at the School for International Training, Brattleboro, VT

- Farah Alouidor (Haiti)  was in the Peace Corps in Namibia

Wai Kit Chiang (USA) enrolled in the M.A. Program in Education at CCNY

Yvette Gauthier (Haiti) is a Program Assistant at the United Nations

Tshombe Miles (USA) is completing his Ph.D. in History at Brown University

John Veit (USA) is working on film documentaries in Houston, Texas

Patrick Delices (USA) received an MA in Education at CCNY and is teaching

Yvette Wilson (USA) is in Law School at the New York Law School.*

Henry Chan (USA)

Class of 1993

Ari Ariel (USA) is in the Ph.D. program in Middle Eastern Studies at Columbia University

Bethanya Roche (Dominican Republic) is a housewife

Veronica Tobar (Guatemala) worked at the Coalition for Immigration and is now in Law School

Yamina Mota (Dominican Republic) received a master’s degree in Social Work from Fordham University

Hirokatsu Asano (Japan) received a Ph.D. in Political Science from the U. of Michigan and now teaches at Asia University in Japan

Alethea Lodge (Jamaica) received a Master’s degree in Development at Tufts University

Katarina Kozuchowska (Poland) received a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution from Syracuse University, and is now Deputy Director  at Common Cents.*

Donald Craig (USA) was accepted into the graduate program in Political Science at American University

Carlos Quintana (USA)  enrolled in Georgetown University Law School

Saba Yohannes (Eritrea)  enrolled in the graduate Psychology program at CCNY

- Edislav Manetovic (Yugoslavia) completed his Ph.D. at the CUNY Graduate Center and is a professor at  Manhattan College

Courtney Guthreau (USA) is Program Director of Project Hope in Mexico

Carren Simpson (Jamaica)  worked at UNICEF and is now in the Ph.D. program in Geography at SUNY, Buffalo

Mustapha Cisse (Senegal) is a Translator at the United Nations

Annette Solly (Jamaica) is with the UN Peace Keeping Division (served in Somalia and Angola)

Lloyd Cornelius (USA) is a supervisor at UPS where he was a driver while an undergraduate

Class of 1994

- Deguene Fall (Senegal)  received an MA in Development Studies from the U. of Pittsburgh and now works at UNICEF.*

Sarah Aponte (Dominican Republic)completed a Master’s program in Library Science at Queens College*and works in the Dominican Institute

-​​​​​​​ John Laryea (Ghana) is in the graduate program at Baruch College

-​​​​​​​ Evelyn Luciano (Dominican Republic) worked for Covenant House in fund raising for two years and will enroll in the graduate program in Spanish Literature at CCNY in the Fall

-​​​​​​​ Tomoko Nakamaru (Japan) is with a documentary film group in Japan

-​​​​​​​ Kilmar Rivas (El Salvador) is a financial analyst at Merrill Lynch in New York

-​​​​​​​ Sumon Chin (USA) is working in New York

-​​​​​​​ Robert Faison (USA)

-​​​​​​​ Frank Bencovic (USA) is  working in an advertising firm in New York 

-​​​​​​​ Ekoe-Djenu-Ekoe (Togo) enrolled in the Master=s program in Education in CCNY*

-​​​​​​​ Victorien Assi (Cote D’Ivoire) teaches at the College of New Rochelle and published a book, Methods and Techniques of Language Learning*

-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Lorenzo Lewis (USA) taught English in South Korea while he studied in the Masters Program in International Relations in Yonsei University in South Korea

Class of 1995

Isabelle Armand (Haiti) enrolled in graduate school in Washington D.C.

-​​​​​​​ Alain Biloa (Cameroon) is in the Foreign Service in Cameroon

-​​​​​​​ Inayath Muhamed (Sri Lanka) was Senior Business Analyst at the Export Development Corporation in Ottawa, Canada and is now teaching in Saudi Arabia

-​​​​​​​ Koreen Simon (Guyana) enrolled in the Masters program in Public Health at Rutgers University

-​​​​​​​ Jeremy Grey (USA) enrolled in Law School at George Washington University

-​​​​​​​ Paula Hercules (Haiti) is a social worker in New York City*

-​​​​​​​ Lorena Quiroz (Ecuador)

-​​​​​​​ Melissa Castillo (El Salvador) was admitted into the Master’s program in SIPA at Columbia University

-​​​​​​​ Robert Baginsky (Poland) is working with his father and saving up to go to Grad School

-​​​​​​​ Jennifer Stokes (USA) graduated from the Masters program in Development at Tufts University

-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Jean Vianney Charles (US/Haiti)

Class of 1996

Jon Weiss (USA) was in the legal affairs division of the U.S. Department of the Treasury and is now Director of Strategic Initiatives at Johns Hopkins Univeristy

Taunys Almanzar (Dominican Republic) enrolled in the MA in International Relations at CCNY

Musafare Nyamudahonda (Zimbabwe) is in the foreign service in Zimbabwe

-​​​​​​​ Ayumo Shimoji (Japan) enrolled in the Master’s Program in Anthropology at CCNY

-​​​​​​​ Marcia Feijoo (Ecuador) is now a mother!

-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Olubayo Jackson (USA)  is teaching elementary school in New York City

-​​​​​​​ Satya Rodrigo (Sri Lanka) is in the foreign service of Sri Lanka,.*

-​​​​​​​ Cheng Yu Zhi (Peoples’ Republic of China)  no information available

-​​​​​​​ Patrick Etienne (Haiti)  no information available

-​​​​​​​ Takahito Kimura (Japan) works for Japan Airlines in New York City

-​​​​​​​ Angela Azzolino (USA) works at Time Magazine

-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Inayath Mohamed (Saudi Arabia)

Class of 1997

- Jenny Lancaster (USA) enrolled in Law School at SUNY, Buffalo

Anne Rubesame (Germany) graduated from Law School at New York University, worked for the International Criminal Court and is now an Associate at O’Melveny and Myers, a law firm in New   York City

-​​​​​​​ Neil Simonsen (USA) works at American Home Service Link in San Francisco

-​​​​​​​ Nibaldo Aguilera (Chile) received his Ph.D in Political Science from the CUNY Graduate Center and teaches at the College of New Rochelle

-​​​​​​​ Minerva Avalos (Mexico) is works with an immigration lawyer in Austin, Texas, and will be going to law school in Texas

-​​​​​​​ Elena Burgos (Dominican Republic) is in the Masters program for the Deaf at Hunter College

-​​​​​​​ Olga Hernandez (Dominican Republic) is in Belize with her husband

-​​​​​​​ Young Sin Lee (Japan) works with a Japanese advertising group in New York City

-​​​​​​​ Hector Rodriguez (Dominican Republic) enrolled the Masters program in Education at CCNY

-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Alicia Riviere (USA) graduated from the Master’s program in Development at GISPIA, University of Pittsburgh

Class of 1998

Simone Castello (Guyana)was admitted to the London School of Economics, has relocated, instead to Florida where she is has her own mortgage company.*

-​​​​​​​ Juliet MacDowell (USA) graduated from Columbia University's Master's Program in International Affairs in the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), and is Regional Director for Southwest Africa Project Hope*

-​​​​​​​ Ida Martinac (Croatia) received her law degree from Golden Gate University’s Law School

-​​​​​​​ Margaret Fequiere (Haiti)* was Executive Assistant to the Vice President of the Institute of International Education (IIE) in New York City

-​​​​​​​ Zainab Miller (nee Harvey) (USA) was a Program Officer at the Bar Association Foundation of New York

-​​​​​​​ David Lora (Dominican Republic)

-​​​​​​​ Kevin Turton (Jamaica)

-​​​​​​​ Harcourt Fuller (Jamaica) is in the Ph.D. program in the London School of Economics studying International History and works as a Research Assistant in Coins and Medals Department of the British Museum

-​​​​​​​ Tekle Eckrich (US) teaches in the New York City schools system

-​​​​​​​ Elias Zambrano (Ecuador)

-​​​​​​​ Celeste Bradley (USA)

-​​​​​​​ Lucy Cruz (Colombia)*

-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Alejandro Hurtado (Ecuador)

Class of 1999

Karen McClellan (USA) was Conference Coordinator at the Institute for International Research in New York City and has relocated to Bali, Indonesia

-​​​​​​​ Andrea Muñoz (Mexico) is enrolled in a Master’s program in Education at CCNY

-​​​​​​​ Barbara Gortych (Poland)

-​​​​​​​ Ermela Singh (Guyana) is in law school at New York University

-​​​​​​​ Leonidas Heinert (Ecuador)

-​​​​​​​ Megan Mills (USA) enrolled in New York University’s MA program in the Gallatin School of Individualized Study

-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Megumi Tan (Japan) received a Master's degree in Sociology from CCNY and works in the Admissions of Berkley College, Manhattan*

Class of 2000

Felicity Daly (USA) received a Master's degree from the London School of Economics and is a Project Officer at the International Council on Social Welfare in London


-​​​​​​​ Papa Dieye (Senegal) received his law degree from Tulane University and is an attorney with ExxonMobil Corporation in Houston, Texas

Class of 2001

Emanuella Pluviose (Haiti)

-​​​​​​​ Dony Wisnuwardene (Indonesia)

-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Chigozie Opara (Nigeria) is teaching in the New York City schools system

Class of 2002

Phebe Annan (USA/Ghana) is a Program Associate at the Africa-America Institute

-​​​​​​​ Noorjahan Begum (Bangladesh) enrolled in the Master’s Program in International Relations at City College

-​​​​​​​ Levenia Duran (Dominican Republic) is on the staff of the New York Botanical Gardens

-​​​​​​​ Nema Elsayed (USA/Egypt)  enrolled in the Master’s Program in International Relations at City College and is deputy of the Children’s Rights Committee of the Coalition to Promote the International Court of Justice

-​​​​​​​ Leslie Grullon (Dominican Republic)*

-​​​​​​​ Gillian Herman (Guyana) is teaching in the New York City schools system.*

-​​​​​​​ Patricia Kiswaga (Tanzania) received her law degree from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and is now a Research Assistant for the Security Council Team of the Permanent Mission of Tanzania to the United Nations

-​​​​​​​ Sarah Lopez (USA/Dominican Republic)

-​​​​​​​ Max Moffett (USA) has just completed his service in the U.S.Navy and will enter graduate school

-​​​​​​​ Ann-Kristin Odegard (Norway) is Program Manager for Chad and Indonesia at the International Rescue Committee

-​​​​​​​ Kyoko Okita (Japan) is Scholarship Coordinator of the IMF scholarship program at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Japan

-​​​​​​​ Ayaka Sato (Japan) has returned to Japan

-​​​​​​​ Simen Saetre (Norway) completed a Master's degree in Journalism in Holland and now works for a Norwegian newspaper

-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Daniel Tsotetsi (South Africa) is teaching in the New York schools system

Class of 2003

Oghogho Edomwonyi (Nigeria) graduated from the Fletcher School of Diplomacy, Tufts University and is a Policy Analyst at the World Bank.

-​​​​​​​ Papa Fall (Senegal) works at the United Nations

-​​​​​​​ Christine Appah (US/Ghana) is enrolled in law school at Duke University

-​​​​​​​ Solange Dos Santos (Mozambique) completed a master’s program in Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam, Holland and has returned to Mozambique

-​​​​​​​ Suzanne Flanagan (US)

-​​​​​​​ John Inthavongsa (US)

-​​​​​​​ Erin Scales (US)

-​​​​​​​ Sharmeen Ahmed (US/Bangladesh) completed her Master's degree in Social Work at Columbia University and is now Program Advisor in the Educational Opportunity Program at the Fashion Institute of Technology

-​​​​​​​ Shaveh Ali (Trinidad)

-​​​​​​​ Affiya Callender (Trinidad) plans to go to law school

-​​​​​​​ Jonas Siregar (US)

-​​​​​​​ Jennifer Colon (US-Puerto Rico)

-​​​​​​​ Ronald Dorville (Haiti) plans to go to law school

-​​​​​​​ Assyatou Sow (Senegal) *was admitted to the MA program in International Relations at CCNY

-​​​​​​​ Hani Selim (US/Egypt)

-​​​​​​​ Virginia Pou (US) completed her Master’s degree in Counseling at Mercy College and now works at the Martin Luther King High School for Law Advocacy and Community Justice

-​​​​​​​ Gregory Dumas (US/Haiti)

-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Teswayne Harris (Jamaica)

Class of 2004

Abdul Akande (Nigeria) is on a full scholarship in the master’s program at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

-​​​​​​​ Sabahet Bruncaj (Kosovo/USA)

-​​​​​​​ Marlon Cabey (Montserrat) is a financial consultant at AXA Advisors the international investment firm

-​​​​​​​ Thodleen Dessources (Haiti) is a Program Officer at Human Rights Watch in New York

-​​​​​​​ Kevin Grant (Jamaica)

-​​​​​​​ Leo Heinert (Ecuador)

-​​​​​​​ Yukari Izumiyama (Japan) is working at Toyota headquarters in Tokyo

-​​​​​​​ Marie Claude Jean-Baptiste (Haiti) is enrolled in law school at George Washington University

-​​​​​​​ Nusrat Khan (Pakistan) is enrolled in the master’s program in Political Science at Brooklyn College

-​​​​​​​ Sindy Kohuth (Hungary) is enrolled in the master’s program in History at CCNY

-​​​​​​​ Nadine Mathews (USA)

-​​​​​​​ Elhadj Ndao (Senegal)

-​​​​​​​ Chihiro Ono (Japan)

-​​​​​​​ Wendy Prudencio (El Salvador.USA)

-​​​​​​​ Raquel Santos (Brazil)  is on scholarship in a Ph.D. program at Nottingham University in the United Kingdom

-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Zhanna Soushko (Belarus) is on a fellowship in the Ph.D. program at the Graduate School of International Studies of the University of Denver

Class of 2005

David Camero (Colombia) is working in the United Nations Secretariat

-​​​​​​​ Wilmer Castro (Honduras) works in the Alternative Services Department at the Bank of New York Mellon

-​​​​​​​ Jessica Gonzalez (Puerto Rico/USA) is enrolled in the Master’s program in History at CCNY

-​​​​​​​ Kazuteru Hatanaka (Japan) is enrolled in the MBA program at Baruch College

-​​​​​​​ Esther Hughes (Dominican Republic) is a Policy Analyst in the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs in New York

-​​​​​​​ Lizaura Javier (Dominican Republic)

-​​​​​​​ Saran Kaba (Guinea) is Development Coordinator at amFAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research and is pursuing an MPA at Baruch College

-​​​​​​​ Meghan McLoryd (USA)

-​​​​​​​ Kartik Mehta (India) is in graduate school in India

-​​​​​​​ Njeri Micheu (Kenya) is Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator for Columbia University’s HIV/AIDS project in Rwanda

-​​​​​​​ Katarina Sefrankova (Slovakia)

-​​​​​​​ Natalie Waugh (USA) is completed the Master’s program in Security Studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and as a Rangel Fellow in International Affairs, entered the U.S. Foreign Service upon graduation. Her first posting is in Bogota, Colombia

-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Alejandro Zulberti (Argentina/USA) is enrolled in the Master’s program in International relations at CCNY

Class of 2006

Antonette Brown (Jamaica/USA)  is a Desktop Support Specialist at Catholic Health Care Systems in New York

-​​​​​​​ Alina Ciocan Pap (Rumania) is enrolled in the Master's Program in International Education at the Steinhardt School of Education of New York University

-​​​​​​​ Erika Clevenger (USA)

-​​​​​​​ Robert Field (USA) is working at the March of Dimes

-​​​​​​​ Llona Gedutiene (Lithuania) is a marketing manager at Patient EDU in New Jersey

-​​​​​​​ Joel Hicks (USA)

-​​​​​​​ Adam Hogue (USA) is in Japan

-​​​​​​​ Trevor Houser (USA) has been accepted into the terminal master’s programs of Yale University, Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University’s SIPA Program and the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University. He is currently a consultant to the China Strategic Advisory

-​​​​​​​ Juana Martinez (Dominican Republic/USA)

-​​​​​​​ Florina Nzengue-Maye (Gabon)

-​​​​​​​ Jose Ortiz (Dominican Republic/USA) is in the Teach For America program

-​​​​​​​ Aldys Perez-Osorio (Venezuela) works for PDVSA, the state petroleum corporation in Venezuela

-​​​​​​​ Pirro Rexhepi (Albania/USA) is enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Oxford University

-​​​​​​​ Odette Ross (Honduras) was admitted to the Master’s program in  CCNY’s School of Education

-​​​​​​​ Patrycja Szpak (Poland)

-​​​​​​​ Aija Terauda (Latvia)  has returned to Latvia

-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Lily Woll (USA) teaches English as a second language to adults and helps promote literacy and improve test scores of Latino children as a bilingual aide, hired by a county library in California

Class of 2007

Etenesh Adnew (Ethiopia)   

Vasti Cedeno (USA) is enrolled in the Master's program in International Affairs at the New School

-​​​​​​​ Jamila Elgizuli (Sudan) has been admitted to the Ph.D. program in Political Science at the CUNy Graduate Center

-​​​​​​​ Hayat Essai (Morocco)

-​​​​​​​ Neha Gautam (India) has been doing research working with NGO's and doing documentary photography.  She will enrolled in the Master's program in International Affairs at the New School this coming fall

-​​​​​​​ Begum Gonul (Turkey) has been admitted to the Master’s program in International Relations at CCNY

-​​​​​​​ Mahmud Hasan (Bangladesh) has been admitted to the Master's program in South Asian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania

-​​​​​​​ Zahid Khan (Kashmir)

-​​​​​​​ Nivea Leavell (USA)

-​​​​​​​ Katarzyna Lech (Poland) has been admitted to the Master’s program in International Relations at CCNY

-​​​​​​​ Kaeko Okuda (Japan) works as a marketing researcher now in Osaka, Japan

-​​​​​​​ Peter Papadam (Albania)

-​​​​​​​ Darenne Poyser (USA)

-​​​​​​​ Deep Rana (Nepal)

-​​​​​​​ Carlos Rios (El Salvador/USA)

-​​​​​​​ James Neil Robidoux (USA) is enrolled in the Master's program in Japanese Studies at Oxford University

-​​​​​​​ Esther Roth (Switzerland)

-​​​​​​​ Samuel Shearer (USA)

-​​​​​​​ Thaslima Thamanna (Bangladesh) is the Principal of Hamza Academy

-​​​​​​​ Kathleen Thomas (USA)

-​​​​​​​ Jessica Tibbets (USA) is a Fulbright Scholar in Yemen

-​​​​​​​ Duong Vu (Vietnam)

-​​​​​​​ Richard Totoy (Ecuador)

-​​​​​​​ James Winslow (USA)

-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Ruben Zorilla (Dominican Republic)