Clubs and Student Resources

The International Studies Program offers students many opportunities and resources for involvement outside the classroom.
Check out these lists to find something you might be interested in:

Student Clubs

There are three clubs associated with the International Studies Program: 

- The Student Association of International Studies (SAIS)
- The Model United Nations Club (MUN)
- The United Nations Association (UNA)

1. The Student Association of International Studies (SAIS)

SAIS hosts a number of events each academic year for International Studies majors and other students at CCNY. Recent events have included:

- Townhall discussions of current events
- Student presentations of study abroad experiences
- Alumni presentations
- Graduate school preparatory workshops
- Peer advisement

If you would like to become involved in SAIS, please email . You can also follow SAIS on Facebook.

2. The Model United Nations Club (MUN) 

MUN is a forum for education about the structure of the United Nations and the global events that concern the United Nations. MUN also holds simulations of Model UN competitions so that students can practice the skills they need to succeed in Model UN conferences and beyond.

Note that MUN is a club; there are also two classes that students can enroll in to participate in Model UN conferences:

- Research for Model UN
- Model UN 

For more information about the MUN Club or about these classes, email Rafal Szczurowski, .

3. The United Nations Association (UNA)

UNA is a campus chapter that works as the ambassador for the United Nations here at City College. UNA holds public events and workshops for students that focus on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

If you would like to become involved in UNA, please email Kristen Gayagoy, .

International Studies List-Serve

Current students, alumni, and others in the New York City community share information on the International Studies list-serve about employment and internship opportunities, study abroad programs, graduate school programs, and public events. 

If you would like to join the International Studies list-serve, please email your request to Dr. Muir, .

City College Non-Governmental Organization Associated with the UN Department of Public Information (CCNY-NGO, UNDPI)

The City College of New York has received consultative status as a non-governmental organization in association with the United Nations Department of Public Information. CCNY is one of only four institutions of higher education in the New York metropolitan area and hte first CUNY college to earn this distinction. NGO status permits the International Studies Program to place up to three undergraduate students each semester at the UN as youth representatives to international NGOs. 

If you would like more information about the CCNY-NGO, UNDPI, please email Rafal Szczurowski, .


CCNY's Diplomat-in-Residence advises students on U.S. State Department internships and entry to the U.S. Foreign Service. Every spring, the Diplomat-in-Residence teaches Practice of Diplomacy (IR B6918) as part of the Master's Program in International Affairs.

Undergraduate majors in International Studies with a GPA of at least 3.0 can request permission to enroll in the course by contacting Dr. Muir, .