Overtally Policy

Overtally Policy for Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Programs

This policy is for students seeking registration in Anthropology (ANTH), International and Global Studies (INTL), Women's and Gender Studies (WS), and Latin American and Latino Studies (LALS) only. Please check other department pages for their specific overtally policies.

If there is a course that you really want to take, but the course is currently full, please check CUNYFirst for available seats a few times a day as students move in and out of courses.

Please know that while we would like to be able to accommodate all overtally requests, we must keep courses at a manageable size for creating a conducive learning environment for instructors and students.

AIP follows the order below for overtally priority (from highest to lowest priority):

  • Graduating AIP seniors
  • AIP majors and/or minors
  • New AIP transfer students.
  • Students who were enrolled in a course, but then were dropped due to TAP and/or Tuition holds. We will do our best to place you back into the class.

Overtally Request Procedures

Overtally requests may be granted or denied due to a variety of objective criteria. While you are in the process of joining courses, it is best to attend class when possible and keep open communication with instructors with missed material or information you cannot access yet through Blackboard.

First week of the semester:

If you are seeking to add a course(s) in the first week of the semester before the "Last day to add a class to an existing enrollment" deadline, speak to Stephanie Barnes, Administrative Specialist, in NAC 7/114 ( sbarnes1@ccny.cuny.edu ) who will coordinate with AIP directors and advisors to help find a suitable and available course. If an overtally is allowed, you will be granted permission to enroll through CUNYfirst.

After the first week of the semester:

After the first week of school, you will need to go through the process of using an Overtally Form that must be signed then submitted to the Registrar's Office. You will need signatures from the Instructor, Advisor, Chair/Director, and Dean.

How to fill out an Overtally Form:

You first need permission from the instructor for the course you would like to overtally. Deciding factors can vary dependent on classroom capacity and conductive learning environment.

You then need approval from the appropriate chair, director, or advisor. They are:

If you are not currently enrolled in ANY courses, have academic probation, and/or have any other financial or academic holds/standing, an advisor and Dean's signature may be required.

The form then must be submitted to the Registrar's office.

Overtally Form

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