Pathways Common Core

A. Required (Fixed) Common Core 

(12 credits / 4 courses)

1. English Composition (2 courses)

  • English Composition I (usually FIQWS)
  • English Composition II (usually ENGL 210, depends on major; refer to your advisor for the appropriate course)

2. Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning (1 course)

  • Depends on major (refer to your advisor for the appropriate course)

3. Life and Physical Sciences (1 course)

  • Depends on major (refer to your advisor for the appropriate course)

B. Flexible Common Core (18 credits / 6 courses) 

Students will complete at least one course in each of the five Flexible Core areas and an additional sixth course in one of them. Students can complete no more than two courses from any one discipline or interdisciplinary field. The list of courses that satisfy this requirement changes from semester to semester – check our checklist to see what alternatives are available next semester.

Flexible core areas are:

1. World Cultures and Global Issues (2 courses for BA/BFA majors - one from each subgroup; 1 course for BS majors from either subgroup)

  • Literature
  • Global History and Culture

2. U.S. Experience in Its Diversity (1 course)

3. Creative Expression (1 course)

4. Individual and Society (1 course)

5. Scientific World (1 course for BA/BFA majors; 2 courses for BS majors)

Once a student has met a Common Core area requirement at one CUNY college, that requirement will be met at any other CUNY college. Transfer students from institutions other than CUNY will have their transcripts evaluated and will be given credit for General Education courses taken at the previous institution.

Pathways Common Core Learning Outcomes

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