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N.B.: There are variations in the General Education Requirement depending on the degree the student is pursuing, e.g. BA/BFA; BS; or BARCH.  Other variations are followed by students pursuing different degrees in the School of Education, the School of Engineering or in the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education.

The General Education requirement at City College represents a quite specific and focused working through of both our aspirations for our students and our assessment of their needs, using the strengths of the College's unique and powerful academic programs. It addresses the critical skills they need to succeed and assures an understanding of different areas of study, key issues, values and points of view that will broaden their perspective, and guide them both in their studies and in their lives beyond City College. The General Education Requirement thus becomes a means by which our students' intellectual and personal growth are expanded at the same time that they are linked to the College.

Students who started before fall 2013 follow the 2007-13 General Education curriculum, while those who started in fall 13 or after, follow Pathways General Education curriculum.

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