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Transfer Student Information

The General Education Curriculum at City College

Transfer Student Information

For students transferring from City College to another institution, and who took FIQWS between Fall 2007 and Spring 2013 - FIQWS Transfer Document summarizes credits earned in FIQWS.  It is recommended that students receive 3 credits in Freshman Composition and 3 elective credits in a field that the topic portion of the course comes from. FIQWS numbering system denotes department/field for the topic portion of the course.  Brief descriptions of topic sections are available below:

FIQWS Engineering (FIQWS 10026) transfer document 

Students who started at CIty College on Fall 13 and after follow Pathways General Education curriculum. FIQWS under Pathways carries 3 credits in English Composition and 3 credits in a Flexible Core area. The Pathways FIQWS transfer document summarizes credit allocation in FIQWS under the new curriculum.