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Freshman Quantitative Course

The General Education Curriculum at City College

Freshman Quantitative Course

Math and FQUAN 

Before reaching 60 credits a student will be required to take a course that focuses on quantitative skills.  Most typically, this is Math 15000: Mathematics for the Contemporary World or a one of a selected list of higher-level mathematics classes (Math 17300, 19500 or higher). As an alternative, the college has been developing FQUANs, courses outside of the Math department that teach these same quantitative skills, and would also meet the Math requirement.  In Spring 2008 for instance, the psychology department offered a course that analyzed the statistical outcome of the "No Child Left Behind Act" as an FQUAN: a course that will answer the Math requirement through a special topic. FQUANS are 3 credits and may be offered as smaller thematic courses or as large lectures that break down into recitation sections. An FQUAN course offered this semester is titled "Developing a Taste for Numbers: An Introduction to Statistical Reasoning".

FQUAN Proposal and Guidelines Form