Message to New Students

Dear Student,

Welcome to City College! In your journey towards a college degree, you will take a variety of courses that will not only help you excel in the major you choose but also provide you with a strong academic foundation and expose you to a wide range of exciting areas of study. Courses that you take en route to graduation will comprise the following categories:

1. Courses in your major

2. General Education courses

3. Free Elective courses


Let's talk briefly about the General Education at City College:

The General Education Curriculum (Pathways) is an educational experience shared by all City College students, with some variations depending on your major. It is comprised of introductory coursework designed to help you develop the fundamental skills (writing, research and critical thinking) and background you need for advanced work regardless of your major. It is also meant to introduce you to a range of different disciplines and show you how all these areas of knowledge are interrelated. 

To fulfill the General Education requirement, you will be able to choose from a selection of General Education courses which are grouped into different categories, such as composition (writing), quantitative reasoning (math), world literature, world history, science, etc. Your academic advisor will help you chose the best courses to begin your City College journey.  You should also explore the General Education website in order to familiarize yourself with the requirements and resources we offer, as taking the "right" courses will speed up your progress toward graduation. 

NOTE TO TRANSFER STUDENTS: If you are transferring to City College from another institution, you may have already completed (at least) a portion of your General Education requirements. Please be sure to meet with anacademic advisor to discuss your General Education requirements.

I wish you an excellent academic and social experience at City College!

For more information please call 212.650.8066 or visit the General education website.

Ana Vasovic
Director of General Education 


Last Updated: 03/05/2020 10:45