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Special Courses - FIQWS

The General Education Curriculum at City College

Special Courses - FIQWS

To be completed in your first semester of your Freshman year :

  • A Freshman Inquiry writing Seminar (FIQWS): A 6 credit course that combines one of a variety of subjects with intensive writing. Find a subject in any field that interests or intrigues you!

What is a FIQWS?
A FIQWS is a six-credit Freshman Inquiry Writing Seminar required of all students. The FIQWS is composed of two parts. The first part is a seminar about a specific topic, and in any semester an exciting variety of FIQWS are offered: it might concern an exploration of a famous writer or artist, or a particular school of philosophy, a scientific discovery or a key historical event. The topic part of FIQWS satisfies one area of the Flexible Core requirement.

The second part of the FIQWS is an intensive writing seminar, in which an instructor will guide you in writing essays and research papers concerning the subject of your seminar. You will learn far more than the mechanics of writing; you will also learn to analyze texts, develop clear ideas and arguments, and to research and compose a college-level research essay. The composition/writing part of FIQWS satisfies one English composition requirement.

Description of FIQWS courses for Fall 14
Description of FIQWS courses for Spring 15
Description of FIQWS courses for Fall 15
Description of FIQWS courses for Spring 16

If a student does not successfully complete FIQWS, the following guidelines should be followed in consultation with an advisor.