The Research Colloquium

ABOUT: The Research Colloquium is a writing seminar designed for outstanding students in history, as well as students in other humanistic fields, whom it allows to develop and revise existing research projects in the context of a structured intellectual community. The Research Colloquium offers its members the possibility to "workshop" their projects-in-progress: students regularly share drafts of their papers with the group, from whom they receive feedback and constructive criticism.

The Colloquium enables students to produce a refined piece of original work, which showcases not only their specialized knowledge but also analytical and writing skills. The Research Colloquium is an ideal place to complete and revise such projects as Field Papers and Master's Theses, and to produce writing samples. Others have used it as an opportunity to research and draft a research proposal, such as the Thesis Prospectus. The seminar is open to BOTH undergraduate and graduate students; and it is a three-credit course.

REGISTRATION: Registration for the Research Colloquium is by application only. Students can apply for the seminar by submitting to its instructor via email: 1) a letter of application in which they briefly state in a few sentences the topic of their research project, the context in which it was first developed, the current stage of its production, and the name of the project's mentor and 2) if available, a draft of the project they intend to workshop and develop. Before applying to the Colloquium, students should identify a "mentor" for their project. If necessary for the assessment of the student’s application, the Colloquium instructor may request of the student’s mentor a letter in support of their application in which the mentor addresses the quality of the student’s project, the feasibility of its completion within in the context of the Colloquium, and their willingness to further supervise the project. The instructor of the Colloquium will begin considering applications when class registration begins. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Preference will be given to History students.

Last Updated: 12/10/2020 19:45