Epigenetics Core Facility


The Epigenetics Core Facility provides an array of state-of-the- art epigenetics research resources and services that include: flow cytometry, single cell genomic analysis, quantitative gene expression analysis, in situ hybridization with special resolution, DNA/chromatin extraction, fragmentation, and protein-nucleic acid association (ChIP) from tissue and enriched population, and next generation sequencing (RNA-seq and ChIP-seq). The facility welcomes users from CUNY, other academic and research institutions, start-up companies and industry.




Epigenetics Core Facility Director Dr. Jia Liu, or call 212.413.3183.

Facility Structure

The Neuroscience Facilities at the Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) are open to all users regardless of their level of expertise. Facilities staff will work with users to help them develop an effective research plan. Novice users are highly encouraged to communicate with facility staff frequently during the initial phases of their research.

Please look at the following link for information how to become a user of the facility: https://asrc.gc.cuny.edu/neuroscience/facilities/become-a-facility-user/.

For consultation on experimental design and instrument capabilities, please contact Epigenetics Core Facility Director jliu1@gc.cun %79.edu" rel="nofollow"> jliu1@gc.cuny.edu , or call 212.413.3183. A full list of instrument rates are found here: https://asrc.gc.cuny.edu/neuroscience/facilities/epigenetics-core-facility/epigenetics-facilities-rates/. Information and forms for submitting samples to this facility is found here: https://asrc.gc.cuny.edu/neuroscience/facilities/epigenetics-core-facility/sample-submission/


The Epigenetics facility houses an array of instrumentation. Available instrumentation includes: AriaFusion cell sorter, MassArray System with Epityper DNA Methylation Analysis, RNAscope, 10X Chromium iX, C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System, Biomark HD, QuantStudio 7 Flex Real-time qPCR system, PipetMAX, Qubit 3.0 Flurometer, TapeStation 4200, PippinHT, Bioruptor Pico Sonication System, and Nanodrop One. To view the instruments available in the Epigenetics Facility, please click here

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