Marshak Service Shop


There is a machine/metal shop for the physics department. It is run by the technician (CCLT), Linden Langhorne, and uses the space himself to create parts for inside department affiliates.


Their website can be accessed by clicking on "machine shop" and logging in through the following link:


Housed in J200 of the Marshak Science building, it has a number of metal equipment and consumables. General hand tools, drill bits, end mills, milling cutters, circular saw blades, tapes, threading tools, reciprocating saw, calipers, micrometers, machine cutting oil, service cnc machines, nut drivers, wrenches, grinding wheels, cutoff wheels, hole saws, welding helmets, respirators, protective screens, and welding hose.

Program Structure

The shop is used by the technician as a service for the physics department, and takes on jobs from other departments. However, only some consumables are allowed to be in use by inside department affiliates, such as: calipers, micrometers, machine cutting oils, and service cnc machines.

Last Updated: 09/22/2023 14:01