Rodent Behavioral Analysis Suite


The Rodent Behavioral Analysis Suite contains three high-quality sound-attenuating test rooms, each equipped with a video tracking system with multiple arena, multiple body Point, and trial and hardware control modules. This allows the behavioral assessment of a variety of panels of anxiety, depression, learning tasks, and automated motor function characterization. The Suite also provides a variety of mazes, optogenetic stimulation tool box, and foot shock chambers for various animal models and behavioral analysis.



Facility Director Dr. Jia Liu, or call 212.413.3183.

Facility Structure

It is part of the Neuroscience Facilities at the Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC), and are open to all users regardless of their level of expertise. Facilities staff will work with users to help them develop an effective research plan. Novice users are highly encouraged to communicate with facility staff frequently during the initial phases of their research. To learn more about how to get started, please look here.

All rodents must be housed in ASRC Comparative Medicine Unit for the use of the Rodent Behavioral Analysis Suite. All users must have animal use protocols approved by ASRC Institutional Animal Use and Care Committee. For consultation on experimental design and instrument capabilities, please contact Facility Director %6ey.%65%64u" rel="nofollow"> , or call 212.413.3183.


The Rodent Behavioral Analysis Suite houses the following equipment: Ethiovision XT, Prizmatix Optogenetics Toolkit, mazes and foot shock chambers, a complex running wheel, and motor fuction assessment. To view the instruments available in the Rodent Behavioral Analysis Suiteplease click here, and to view the equipment rates, follow here.

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