Mechanical Engineering Department


The mechanical engineering department has a manufacturing lab (that also serves as a teaching laboratory), and 2 metal shops. These spaces aid mechanical engineering students taking senior design and manufacturing processes, and aid the other departments' staff members research projects and their students. They help the broadest range of disciplines, and service many student clubs such as: formula, chemicar, AiAA, ASME, canoe, etc.


It is run by 3 members: Louis Hernandez (chief engineer), Wajih Tayeb (technician), Mr. Chen (technician).


The metal shops and manufacturing lab are located in Steinman Hall, in the lower levels: B38, C36, and C37 (Louis shop). Some equipment is allowed for student use, while most are only to be used by the technicians. They have :

  • Surface grinder
  • Bandsaw
  • Bridgeport Mill
  • Drill presses
  • Cincinnati lathes
  • GMC mill
  • Leblond Lathe
  • Horizontal bandsaw
  • Prototrak CNC mill and lathe
  • Dayton round column mill
  • Southbend digital threading
  • Tablesaw
  • Scroll saw
  • Sanders

Certain equipment students are allowed to use after receiving training on it by one of the technicians, such as: drill presses, sanders, and scroll saws. If a student would like to learn how to use the other machinery (except for the table saw), they would have to seek approval from Louis Hernandez.


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