Marshak Lab & Service Shop


There is a lab and machine/metal shop for the physics department. It is run by the technician (CCLT), Linden Langhorne, and uses the space himself to create parts for inside department affiliates.


The machine shop can be accessed by clicking on "machine shop" and logging in, as well as viewing the full list of lab equipment, through the following link:


Machine shop technician (CCLT), Linden Langhorne,

Facility Manager: Jorge Morales
Phone:  212 650 8591(office) Phone : 347 398 1846 (cell)
Location: CCNY, Marshak 022 (Supra 55 VP)

Dr. John Lombardi : Phone: (212) 650-6032
Dr. Juifeng Tu : Phone: (212) 650-5558

X-Ray Diffraction & Nanofabrication
Dr. Alexey Bykov
Phone: (212)-650-5548

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Dr. Padmanava Pradhan
Phone:  212 650 8697/8266

Mass Spectrometry
Dr. Lijia Yang: Phone:  (212) 650-6601, (212) 650-7774 (Lab)

Cell Sorter & Analyzer
Prof. Mark Pezzano
Phone:  212 650 8559 (Mark)

Facility Structure

The machine shop is used by the technician as a service for the physics department, and takes on jobs from other departments. However, only some consumables are allowed to be in use by inside department affiliates, such as: calipers, micrometers, machine cutting oils, and service cnc machines.

Each lab space has a different schedule that can be viewed online, by going to the appropriate equipment listing and clicking on schedule. In each respective equipment, you can find other information about the devices and prices.


The machine shop is housed in J200 of the Marshak Science building, it has a number of metal equipment and consumables. General hand tools, drill bits, end mills, milling cutters, circular saw blades, tapes, threading tools, reciprocating saw, calipers, micrometers, machine cutting oil, service cnc machines, nut drivers, wrenches, grinding wheels, cutoff wheels, hole saws, welding helmets, respirators, protective screens, and welding hose.

Lab equipment is separated by type of machinery. It contains confocal microscopes (Zeiss LSM 800, Zeiss LSM 710, Zeiss LSM 880, and Ultima 4 – Multiphoton Microscope), epifluorescence microscope, a scanning electron microscope, a transmission electron microscope (Jeol 2100), a raman microscope (MonoVista CRS Raman System), NMR devices (Bruker 300, Varian 600 Solids, and a Varian Unity Invova – 500), X-ray diffraction (Panalytical X’Pert Pro, and the Bruker Discovery 8), Mass Spectrometry (4000 Q TRAP LC/MS/ MS System), nanotechnology equipment, and a cell sorter & analyzer (FACS).

To view the instruments available in the core facilities of Marshakplease click here,.

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