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Masters Courses


Masters Courses

V0100 Mathematical Methods in Physics

V1100 Analytical Dynamics

V1500-1600 Electromagnetic Theory 

V2500-2600 Quantum Mechanics 

U3500 Quantum Physics I  (55100)

U3600 Quantum Physics II  (55200)

V3800 Biophysics  (42200)

V3900 Biophysics in Applications (42300)

V4100 Statistical Mechanics

V4500 Solid State Physics  (55400)

V4600 Physics and Chemistry of Materials  (55500)

U5300 Physical Photonics I/Laser Optics  (45300)

V7100, V7200 Graduate Physics Laboraotry I, II


Graduate Bulletin, Physics Masters

Courses that have advanced undergraduate equivalents show them in parentheses.