Research Honors in Physics

Research Honors for Physics Majors

The Research Honors Program is one of several ways for undergraduate students to participate in faculty research projects. Such projects, if judged to be of sufficient quality and quantity, may lead to a degree with Research Honors.



Physics 30100-30300: Honors I-III

Approval of Department Honors Supervisor is required and should be obtained in the semester prior to the one in which the work will be performed. A “B” average or better in major courses is required in order to take Honors (or Independent Studies) courses. A written report by the student is required every semester. Presentation of the results of their work by students is required at the Honors and Independent Study symposium in the spring of their senior year.

          In order to graduate “with Research Honors,” the student must maintain a “B” average or better in the major subject, submit an Honors paper which is a report in research publication format, and be given a minimum of 6 credits of “A” for this work by the mentor. Only a maximum of 12 credits of honors courses can count toward the degree. 

The student’s Research Mentor will provide a written document certifying that the student has fulfilled the criteria established for graduating with Research Honors.

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