Foundations and Interdisciplinary Research

Timothy Boyer

My research involves classical electromagnetic theory, and the connections between classical and quantum theories. I am particularly interested in using classical electrodynamics which includes classical electromagnetic zero-point radiation to explain natural phenomena which are currently claimed to require quantum explanations. At present, Casimir forces, van der Waals forces, blackbody radiation, oscillator specific heats, diamagnetism, thermal effects of acceleration, and the absence of atomic collapse can all be explained within classical electrodynamics which includes classical zero-point radiation.

Recent Publication: Stochastic Electrodynamics: The Closest Classical Approximation to Quantum Theory (2019)

Michael Lubell

Investigation of the intersections of science with the public: how technology has altered the nature of the workforce and how that change is altering public perceptions and support of science; how science can defend itself against populist distrust in institutions; how global science can respond to growing nationalist barriers; how the STEM workforce can be more reflective of the diverse nature of American society.

Recent Publication: Navigating the Maze: How Science and Technology Policies Shape America and the World (2019)

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