The CCNY Physics Club

The Physics Club of CCNY is a member of the Society of Physics Students (SPS)

The purpose of the Physics Club is to create a community among physics majors, minors, and masters students. Our area of interest is in physics.

The Physics Club is meant to inspire interest in Physics among the CCNY community and promote the well being of physics undergraduates. We aim to ease the path of students interested in majoring or minoring in physics and to build a community among aspiring physicists. We will go on at least a few club trips per year, host a speaker or two from among other universities, and discuss the status of the physics department and modern physics as a whole.

Class Standing of Club: Undergraduate

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"At our demonstration sessions, youth organizations are invited to our campus where our own students present hands-on physics demonstrations. In recent years we have amassed substantial experience and optimized our approach to these outreach presentations, which involve around twenty visiting students. From superconducting trains, to bicycle wheels and angular momentum, our demonstrations include a broad set of physical phenomena. This year, we have also partnered with other campus organizations such as NOAA-CREST, CUNY MRS, CCNY SASE to bring physics to their outreach events. This year alone our physics demonstrations have reached over 150 K-12 students from underrepresented, underserved communities. Our guests are shown how science is both a tool educationally and culturally, and that it can be used to advance society in many beneficial ways." 

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