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Physics Department Current Events


Physics Department Current Events

Physics Colloquium

Wednesday,  February 10, 2016
4:00 p.m., Marshak Science Building, Room 418N

Professor Rashid Zia
Brown University

"Seeing 'Magnetic Light:' Quantifying Electronic Transitions and Exploiting Magnetic Dipole Emission"

When light is emitted by an electronic system, it radiates into the local modes of its optical environment with a characteristic distribution in energy, momentum, and polarization. These distributions can reveal a great deal of information about the electronic structure of the emitter and its local optical environment. For example, energy-momentum spectroscopy can help quantify the multipolar origin of electronic transitions in solid state ions and the orientation of luminescent excitons in layered materials.

In this presentation, we will use energy-momentum spectroscopy to experimentally characterize the "forbidden" magnetic dipole transitions in a range of solid-state emitters and investigate their applications and implications for nanophotonics. We will illustrate how these quantum transitions can provide both a new way to probe magnetic light-matter interactions and a new degree of design freedom for photonic devices. Specifically, we will demonstrate how the different symmetries of electric and magnetic dipole transitions can be exploited to identify, quantify, and control light emission, even at sub-lifetime scales. Then, we will discuss the broader implications of computational optimization for advanced spectroscopy.
Biography: Rashid Zia is an Associate Professor of Engineering and Physics at Brown University. His research group works at the interface of electrical engineering, materials science, optical physics, and physical chemistry to study how light interacts with solid-state quantum emitters, including atoms, defect centers, ions, molecules, and quantum dots. For this work, he has received a National Science Foundation CAREER Award and a Department of Defense nominated Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).  Rashid has also served as a Fellow of the National Forum on the Future of Liberal Education, and he is the lead PI for an ongoing Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) on Quantum Metaphotonics & Metamaterials sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.
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