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Physics Ph.D. Recipients


Physics Ph.D. Recipients

September 2012 Degree

Mr. Yuliang Jin – Prof. Hernan Makse, City College of New York
Statistical Mechanics of Jammed Packings of Spheres.

Mr. Eli Lansey – Prof. David Crouse, City College of New York
Aperture Array Photonic Metamaterials: Theoretical Approaches, Numerical Techniques and a Novel Application.

Mr. Lei Zhang – Prof. Ronald Koder, City College of New York
Engineering Cofactor and Ligand Binding in an Artificial Neuroglobin.

February 2013 Degree

Mr. Bo Wen – Dist. Prof. Myriam Sarachik, City College of New York
Dipolar Interactions, Long Range Order and Random Fields in a Single Molecule Magnet, Mn12-acetate.

May 2013 Degree

Mr. Juraj Tekel – Dist. Prof. V. Parameswaran Nair and Prof. Alexios Polychronakos, City College of New York
Fuzzy Field Theory as a Random Matrix Model.

September 2013 Degree

Mr. Jian Li - Jiufeng Tu, City College of New York
Physics   Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy Study of Layered Systems

Mr.Rui Zhang  -  Prof. Joel Koplik, Levich Institute, City College of New York
Nano-scale interactions of particles and drops with heterogeneous surfaces.

Mr. Binlin Wu  -  Prof. Swapan K. Gayen, City College of New York
Time Reversal Optical Tomography and Decomposition Methods for Detection and Localization of Targets in Highly Scattering Turbid Media

February 2014 Degree

Mr. Muhamed Amin - Marilyn Gunner, City College of New York
Physics    Computational Insights on the Oxygen Evolving Complex of the Photosystem ΙI.

Mr. Islam Hoxha - Vladimir Petricevic, City College of New York
Physics    Planar Waveguide Structures for Post-EDFA Broadband Near Infrared Optical Amplifiers 


Listed below are the recipients of joint degrees with The City University of New York and The City College of New York of the Ph.D. in Physics, their dissertation titles and their respective advisors. 

September 2014        

Lin Bo, "Message Passing Techniques for Statistical Physics and Optimization in Complex Systems" Mentor: Hernán A. Makse

Weikang Chen, "Dynamics of Nanoparticles in Fluids and at Interfaces" Mentor: Joel Koplik

Wei Liu, "Spontaneous Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking in Two Dimensional Electronic Systems" Mentor: Alexander Punnoose

Xiaoze Liu, "Control of Exciton Photon Coupling in Nano-structures" Mentor: Vinod M. Menon

February 2015        

Bernard Everson, "De Novo Design and Engineering of Functional Metal and Porphryn-binding Protein Domains" Mentor: Ronald L. Koder

Mark Kanner, "Geometry and Statistics of Jammed Granular Matter" Mentor: Mark D. Shattuck

Shiqi Li, "Strongly-correlated 2D Electron Systems in Si-MOSFETs" Mentor: Myriam P. Sarachik

Xuyu Zhu, "Using Multiconformation Continuum Electrostatics Model for pKa and Proton Transfer Pathway Calculations in Protein" Mentor: Marilyn Gunner

May 2015        

Scott Dietrich, "A Static and Dynamic Investigation of Quantum Nonlinear Transport in Highly Dense and Mobile 2D Electron Systems" Mentor: Sergey A. Vitkalov

Jianxun Lu, "Proton Pumping in Cytochrome c Oxidase" Mentor: Marilyn Gunner

Zhonghua “Lukas” Zhao, "Disorder Effects on Transport Properties and Magnetic Spin Response in Topological Insulators" Mentor: Lia Krusin-Elbaum


September 2015 Degree

Kelly N. Greenland
Prof. Ronald L. Koder, City College of New York
Biophysical Characterization of a De Novo Elastin  

Aline Hubard
Prof. Mark D. Shattuck, City College of New York
Friction, Avalanches and Phase Transitions in Granular Media

Zhusong Li
Prof. Mark D.  Shattuck, City College of New York
Order and Asymmetry in Jammed Systems

Isroel M.  Mandel
Prof. David T. Crouse, City College of New York
Metasurfaces for Photon Sorting and Selective Absorption

February 2016 Degree

Joel De Jesus
Prof. Maria C. Tamargo, City College of New York
ZnCdMgSe as a Materials Platform for Advanced Photonic Devices: Broadband Quantum Cascade Detectors and Green Semiconductor Disk Lasers

Jeff A. Secor
Dist. Prof. Robert R. Alfano, City College of New York
Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Energy Transfer in an Organic/Inorganic Composite of Zinc Oxide and Graphite Oxide

June 2016 Degree  

Giovanni Milione
Dist. Prof. Robert R. Alfano, City College of New York
Vector Beams for Fundamental Physics and Applications