Celebrating Myriam Sarachik

Celebrating Myriam Sarachik

A Symposium in Condensed Matter Physics

October 31, 2023, 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

ASRC Auditorium, 85 St. Nicholas Terrace New York, NY 10031

Myriam Sarachik

Myriam Sarachik was a Belgian-born American physicist well-known for her many contributions to experimental condensed matter physics. She was a member of the faculty (from 1964) and a Distinguished Professor of Physics at the City College of New York until her passing in October 2021. Myriam Sarachik made ground-breaking contributions to many facets of condensed matter physics, including the Kondo effect, metal-insulator transitions, molecular magnets, quantum tunneling, etc. Her work was recognized and honored with many prizes and awards including the Oliver Buckley Prize of the American Physical Society (APS) and the APS Medal for Exceptional Achievement. She was elected to the National Academy of Sciences and also served as president of the American Physical Society (2003). Myriam was passionate about human rights and served on the Committee on the International Freedom of Scientists of the APS and was a board member of the Committee of Concerned Scientists.



2:00 PM Opening Remarks
2:30 PM Laura Greene
  (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida)
3:15 PM Kin Fai Mak
  (Cornell University)
4:00 PM Coffee Break
4:20 PM Abhay Pasupathy
  (Columbia University and Brookhaven National Laboratory)
5:05 PM Jonathan Friedman
  (Amherst College)
5:30 PM Closing Remarks

Opening and closing remarks will be presented by:

  • Vincent Boudreau, President of the City College of New York
  • Tony Liss, Provost, City College of New York
  • Susan Perkins, Dean of Science, City College of New York

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