Syllabus Fall 2019 Physics 20300 ST, ST2

The City College of New York

Department of Physics

Fall 2019

Physics 20300 - Sections ST, ST2


Prof. V. Petricevic:                            office: MR423B; 212-650-5550;

Required text:                                    Physics, (11th ed.) by Cutnell & Johnson (Wiley)

Office hours:                                      Tuesday and Thursday from 2-3 PM in MR-423B (or by appointment)

Class meets on Tuesday and Thursday 5:00-6:40 PM in NAC 1/103



Important Information for Physics 20300 students:


Course Objectives:


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:


1. apply kinematics to problems in one- and two-dimensional motion

2. understand and use the concepts of forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion

3. understand the dynamics of uniform circular motion

4. understand and use the concepts of work and energy

5. understand and use the concepts of impulse and momentum

6. understand rotational kinematics and dynamics

7. understand the fundamentals of simple harmonic motion

8. understand the properties of fluids

9. understand the properties of temperature, heat, the ideal gas law, kinetic theory, and thermodynamics

Topics Covered:


1. Introduction and Mathematical Concepts

2. Kinematics in One Dimension

3. Kinematics in Two Dimensions

4. Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion

5. Dynamics of Uniform Circular Motion

6. Work and Energy

7. Impulse and Momentum

8. Rotational Kinematics

9. Rotational Dynamics

10. Simple Harmonic Motion and Elasticity

11. Fluids

12. Temperature and Heat

13. Heat Transfer

14. The Ideal Gas Law and Kinetic Theory

15. Thermodynamics


Class schedule:


Two 100 minute lectures and one 2 hour lab (on alternate weeks).


Assessment Tools


1. Attendance

2. WileyPLUS homework assignments (5%)


Homework will be assigned on a weekly basis.

Selected homework problems will be discussed and solved in the classroom. The solutions to the problems will be uploaded on the blackboard.


3. Quizzes (10%)


Quizzes will be given after completion of chapters/topics, following the homework review.


4. Lab reports (5%).


5. Class participation.


6. Three midterm exams and the final exam (80%). (Final exam counts as two midterm exams.)



Course Plan (tentative)


Text                                                    Homework Problems

Chapter 1:                                           WileyPlus TBD

Chapter 2:                                           WileyPlus TBD

Chapter 3:                                           WileyPlus TBD

Chapter 4:                                           WileyPlus TBD

Chapter 5:                                           WileyPlus TBD


Exam 1


Chapter 6:                                           WileyPlus TBD

Chapter 7:                                           WileyPlus TBD          

Chapter 8:                                           WileyPlus TBD

Chapter 9:                                           WileyPlus TBD

Chapter 10:                                         WileyPlus TBD


Exam 2


Chapter 11:                                         WileyPlus TBD          

Chapter 12:                                         WileyPlus TBD

Chapter 13:                                         WileyPlus TBD

Chapter 14:                                         WileyPlus TBD          

Chapter 15:                                         WileyPlus TBD                                  


Exam 3