Syllabus Spring 2018 Physics 20400 GH

Physics 20400 GH-GH3

Spring 2018


Instructor:                  Prof. Hernán A. Makse, Steinman Hall ST1M-12 



Class schedule:          M W 5:00-6:40 PM, in MR4                                 

Office hours:              Tu  4:00-6:00 PM in Levich Institute, Steinman Hall ST1M-12

Textbook:                   Physics,  ANY Edition

                                    by Cutnell and Johnson. Vol 1 and 2. Suggested problems refer to 8th edition posted in the website of the course.

TA office hours:        TBA


Date:                           Reading assignment              Suggested Problems                            

                                                                                    Numbering refers to 8th edition (7th ed)

                                                                                    Problems and solutions posted in website

Jan.      29(M)              CH 16: Waves                         CH 16: 14,26,29,28 (14,24,26,27)                                   


Jan      31(W)               CH 16

Feb      5(M)-7(W)       CH 17: Superposition             CH 17:8,7,29,33,41 (6,7,23,29,35)

12(M)             College close. Lincoln's Birthday

            14(W)             CH 18: Electric Force             CH18:21,72,35,37,71,25 (17,18,29,31,63,67)

19(M)              College close. President’s Day

20(Tu)             Monday schedule: CH 19

21(W)              CH 19: Electric Potential        CH 19: 19,21,27,39 (16,18,23,32)

26(M)              TEST 1: CH 16-19 (To be confirmed)

28(W)              Ch 20: Electric circuits




March  5(M)                CH 20: Electric circuits           CH 20:6,43,55,64,66,65,71 (7,43,53,58,60,61,65) 

            7(W)                CH 21

            12(M)-14         CH 21: Magnetic force            CH 21:1,7,15,23,78,39,47 (5,6,11,21,30,34,41)                19(M)-21         CH 22: Induction                    CH 22:5,16,72,77,36,35,25 (5,16,18,23,30,31,69)

26(M)              CH 23: AC currents and CH 24: Electromagnetic waves     

28(W)              CH 25: Mirrors                        CH 25: 38,5,23,37,40,38 (4,5,16,17,18,22)                    

April   30(F)-6(F)       SPRING BREAK

            9(M)                Test 2. CH 20-25  (to be confirmed)

            11(W)              Friday schedule

            16(M)              CH 26: Refraction                  CH 26: 12,20,107,3 (11,18,27,28)

            18(W)              CH 27: Interference                CH 27: 55,9,25,27,32 (2,7,19,22,27)                         

23-25               CH 28: Special Relativity       CH 28: 2,43,15,14,27,29,40 (2,9,12,14,24,27)

30(M)              Particles and waves


May     2(W)                CH 29: Particles and waves    CH 29: 47,11,48,49,40 (7,8,24,28)


7(M)                Test 3. CH 26-29 (to be confirmed)                                                                                     9(W)                CH 30: Atoms            

14(M)              CH 30: Atoms                         CH 30: 10,13,15,18,23,27,29 (10,12,14,16,21,23,26)            16(W)              Final Review

18-24               Final Exam includes all the material covered in the lectures.



Course description: For majors in the life sciences (biology, medicine, dentistry, psychology, physical therapy) and for liberal arts students. Fundamental ideas and laws of physics including: waves and sound, electricity and magnetism, optics, relativity, quantum mechanics and nuclear physics. Emphasis is on the basic principles and general laws. Use of math is restricted to algebra, geometry and trigonometry.


Reading assignment: This is the text material that will be covered in

class each day. You should read the indicated Chaprters in the textbook

before coming to class.


Homework: The homework is optional and it will not be collected in class. It is strongly recommended to do all the homework material. Problems and solutions are posted in the website of the course.


Lab: All lab experiments must be done to pass the course. Labs take place in MR

407 N. Confirm the exact room and start date at the Physics Department.


Exams: There will be three midterm exams and one final exam (140 min).

The midterms exams and final exam will include only material covered in class.

You are allowed to bring a sheet of paper (only one) with equations to the exams (midterms and final). This policy is subject to change during the semester and it will updated/cancelled as needed. The lowest grade of the midterms will be dropped.


No make-up will be given for any exam under any circumstances.


Grades: Student final grade will be based on the following components:


          Best Midterm 1                30%

Best Midterm 2              30%

Final exam                     40% 


Extra help: A Tutoring/Recitation lab will be available at the Physics Dept starting. Please see schedule at the Physics Department. Homework problems can be also discussed  with the Teaching Assistant during his/her office hours.