Syllabus Spring 2018 Physics 47100 General Syllabus




General Syllabus


Physics 47100  


Advanced Physics Laboratory II


Designation: Required Undergraduate


Catalog description:


Experiments in optics, quantum physics and atomic physics.


3 LAB., 1 CONF. HR./WK.; 2 CR.




Prereq.: Phys 35400; pre or coreq.: Physics 55100 (required for Physics majors)


Textbook and other suggested material:      


Melissinos & Napolitano, Experiments in Modern Physics, (2nd ed. 2003) (required), Academic Press (Elsevier Science) ISBN 0-12-489851-3


John R. Taylor, An Introduction to Error Analysis (2nd ed., 1997) (required), Univ. Science Books ISBN 0-935702-75-X (pbk)


Course Objectives:


After successfully completing this course, students should be able to


 1. Students should become familiar with the fundamental experiments in modern physics.


 2. Students should be able to reproduce highly sophisticated landmark experiments in physical optics and atomic and nuclear physics.


 3. Students are expected to master experimental data processing and error analysis.


4. Students should be able to summarize and present their experimental work in a form of a detailed written report, following a standard format for technical/scientific writing.


Topics Covered:


1. Physical Optics


2. Atomic Physics


3. Electron Diffraction


4.  Nuclear Physics


Class schedule


3 LAB., 1 CONF. HR./WK.; 2 CR.


Relationship of course to program outcomes:


 The outcomes of this course contribute to the following departmental learning outcomes:










Assessment Tools


1. Attendance 


2. Homework assignments 


3. Results of quizzes 


4. Lab reports 


5. Class participation 


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V. Petricevic


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date: March 15, 2007