Syllabus Summer 2018 Physics 32300

Phys: 32300 Quantum Mechanics for Applied Physics
Book: Quantum Mechanics by D. J. Griffiths
Office Hours: Monday-Wednesday 5 to 6 pm.
Office: MR-317A
Mid-term Exam: Thursday June 21
Final Exam: Wednesday July 25
Grading: 30% Midterm, 60% Final, 10% Homework
1- Experimental motivations of Quantum Mechanics
Black-body radiation
Photo-electric effect
Spectrum of hydrogen atom
2- Time independent Schrodinger equation
Stationary states
Infinite Wall potential
Free particle
Delta-function potential
Quantum tunneling
Harmonic Oscillator
Finite square well
3- Quantum mechanics in three dimensions
Three dimensional infinite Wall potential
Schrodinger equation in spherical coordinates
Hydrogen atom
Angular momentum
4- Independent particles
Two particle systems