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Dear Colleagues,

I'm writing to announce some changes in our administrative structure. As many of you know, Len Zinnanti will be retiring at the end of next week. Len came to CCNY at a time of some significant turbulence, and exercised a calming and ordered sense of management over our non-academic operation. As the person with oversight on our facilities and financial apparatus, Len was given authority over some of the most crucial areas of the campus, and he's served us all very well. I wish him the very best in his future endeavors, and I know that you join me in that.

I have decided not to replace Mr. Zinnanti in the position of Chief Operating Officer. Rather, I plan to assign elements of what was the COO's portfolio to Felix Lam and to Ken Ihrer. My thinking in making this change is that at the college's highest levels, the administration of non-academic functions has two aspects—one is the financial and the other is more the management of a case load/customer service/communications interface. Felix and Ken have, respectively, demonstrated capacity in financial management, supervisory expertise and customer service, and I'll be building on those capacities in the reallocation of tasks.

In addition to his current responsibilities, Felix will now take reports from the Office of Human Resources and from the Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation. Both positions require a close coordination of budget requirements and management. In HR, Felix will coordinate closely with Ken in managing the communications and customer service elements of our HR operation.

In addition to managing IT, I've asked Ken to take over the upper management of our facilities operation, and to work to develop a single service line for the college—to try to make sure that we have one place that people can go to address whatever issues they might be having. I think that Ken would bring to that work the same customer service, communications and case management skills that he's used to upgrade the way our IT systems work. I also think that as we work on becoming a more efficient and effective institution, digital solutions will be a big part of the equation. He will work closely with David Robinson to bring this project online in the coming semester.

Please join me in wishing Len well as he leaves CCNY and in doing the same for Felix and Ken, as they take on new responsibilities.


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