The Foundation for City College Board

The Foundation For City College:

The mission of the Foundation for City College is to provide access to educational and research excellence, particularly to students who might not otherwise attend a senior college. The Foundation supports a variety of programs at City College, including named professorships, advanced research operations, innovative programs leading to increased student success and campus-wide wellness opportunities, workforce development initiatives as well as special programs and lectures that bring some of the nation's top intellectuals to our campus.


Lev Sviridov

Mr. Edward Blank

Vivien R. Clark

Mrs. Vivien R. Clark

Martin Cohen

Mr. Martin Cohen

John M. Dionisio

Mr. John M. Dionisio

Leonard Kleinrock

Dr. Leonard Kleinrock




Maureen Mitchell

Ms. Maureen Mitchell

Sy Sternberg

Mr. Sy Sternberg

Lev Sviridov

Dr. Lev A. Sviridov

Josh Weston

Mr. John Weston

Lev Sviridov

Michael Sutton

Lev Sviridov

Peter Zahn

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