Speaking Request Form

Thank you, on behalf of President Vince Boudreau, for your invitation to have him attend your upcoming event.

For scheduling purposes, we ask that you submit the form below at least six weeks before your event. The office of the President will review the information with the President and notify you within a reasonable period whether he will be able to attend based on his scheduled activities. The completed form must be submitted online before any dates will be held on his calendar. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to accommodate all invitations because of the large number of requests we receive and the complexity of the President's calendar.

Please provide location information and timing, as well as an expected guest list.

Please Note

If the President is noted on invitation or material for an event, drafts must be submitted before printing to the President's Office at president@ccny.cuny.edu and Dee Dee Mozeleski at dmozeleski@ccny.cuny.edu for review and approval.

  1. Order of Program due (5) business days prior to event.
  2. List of attendees due (2) business days prior to event.
  3. Table seating (if applicable) due (2) business days prior to event.
  4. For publicity assistance, please contact Jay Mwamba at jmwamba@ccny.cuny.edu or x7580 and Ashley Arocho at aarocho@ccny.cuny.edu or x6460