City College's former Bursar, Mr. Joseph Boselli Announcement

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

Many of you have expressed concern at the news that City College's former Bursar, Joseph Boselli, has been arrested on charges of stealing nearly $500,000 from the College from as early as 2012 through his separation from his Bursar duties in 2017.

Please be assured that the College takes these matters very seriously.  In fact, it was City College itself that originally discovered the anomalies related to this theft.  The College initiated the investigation, collected evidence related to the theft, and it was the College that reported the matter to the relevant authorities.

Please see the press release from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office

Given the complexities associated with the alleged financial crimes, the audits and criminal investigations took time to complete.  However, as soon as the College had sufficient evidence to take an employment action against Mr. Boselli, the College terminated his employment.  Even before that, however, we immediately took measures to safeguard the college’s monies.

The College is certainly relieved that Mr. Boselli has been arrested and charged, and that his alleged crimes are now being prosecuted by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Let me be clear, it was the College’s internal controls that detected these financial anomalies in the first instance, leading to the termination and arrest of Mr. Boselli.  The College has taken affirmative steps to strengthen these controls even further.

The College is working with the relevant law enforcement authorities to identify any students who may have been adversely affected by the alleged criminal behavior.  This process may take some time due to the complexities and due process afforded by the criminal justice system.  

While we wait for the criminal justice process to unfold, the College is taking the initiative to reach out to students.  If any student believes that they may have been adversely affected by the alleged actions associated with the arrest of Mr. Boselli, please send an email to , and we will make sure to document your particular situation for appropriate follow-up with law enforcement agencies.  

If you expected to receive a scholarship or other award between 2012 and 2017, please email with the following information: 

  • First and Last Name
  • Contact Email
  • Contact mailing address
  • CUNYfirst EMPLID, if known
  • A short description of why you think you may have a claim related to the announcement by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.  Please be as specific as possible, including dates, amounts, and names of persons.

We will make a continuation of our internal controls and auditing efforts a central part of our ongoing management practices so that everyone in our community can be confident in the integrity of your College.


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