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Dear colleagues,

On February 3rd at 9:00 am in the morning, the college will be calling a press conference to present the results of an economic modeling study, describing the impact that CCNY has in the local state economy (10 contiguous counties nearest to NY).  The study, conducted by a group called EMSI, presents CCNY’s annual economic impact on those 10 counties, and also the “for dollar” return on investment to students, to the state, and to society.  The study is rigorous and transparent: the 50 report pages are accompanied by an almost equal number of methodological appendices. While the results of the study are embargoed until the press conference, I can tell you that the numbers are very good. 

The press conference will kick off a two-year period, leading up to our commemoration of the 175th anniversary of CCNY’s founding, during which the results of our study (like our earlier social mobility achievements) will be at the center of our public messaging.  This is a document that we will use, especially as part of our goal (college-wide OKR) to reposition the college publicly.

At the press conference, I’ll be joined by the authors of the study, elected officials from the City, the state and our congressional delegation, and civic and business leaders.  I’m writing to invite you to attend as well, but to invite you, as well, to learn about the study’s findings and integrate them into how you talk about your work at the college. 

As soon as the report is made public, I’ll be sending around a condensed fact sheet, to make the information more easily accessible.

Thank you,

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