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Dear Members of the City College Community,

It is perhaps clearer than ever before, in the midst of our current crisis, that health insurance is essential.  MetroPlus has joined with the City of New York to become the official partner of the Mayor’s GetCoveredNYC healthcare initiative. They have approached me with a series of ways that members of our community can take advantage of their services to obtain health care coverage and an array of services to our community at no or low cost (one program charges around 20 dollars per month).

I would like to announce and endorse an online ZOOM videoconference session with several MetroPlus leaders who can help walk us through these different opportunities.  I will say that what I learned when I sat down with Dr. Schwartz from MetroPlus truly impressed me, and made me think it was important to bring this session to our community.

In this current condition, a number of new developments make these services more available than ever.  MetroPlus is now able to work with our community to enroll people over the phone in some of these services, including Medicaid and the Essential Plan ($0 or $20 monthly).  Also, we just learned that the open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act has been extended into April.  For anyone without healthcare coverage, this is an important opportunity.

There are three particularly interesting kinds of services they can provide.  For people who are Medicaid eligible, MetroPlus can help you telephonically enroll for no-cost health coverage. Students who are not eligible for Medicaid but still have reduced incomes can enroll in the Essential Plan, which provides health coverage for $0 or $20 dollars a month.  There are also programs they can discuss about no cost or very low-cost health insurance for children. 

The video conference will take place via ZOOM on Monday, March 23rd from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm, If you follow this link you will be entered into the conference.  We’ll be pleased to welcome Dr. Talya Schwartz, President and CEO and Roger Milliner, Chief of Growth from MetroPlus. We’re also going to record the entire session and make it available to anyone who wants to view it after the session ends, and will post a link to that session on our website.


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