Protocol for COVID-19 Notifications

Dear Campus Community,

In the event that you are notified that a member of your staff, faculty or student community has tested positive for COVID-19, we ask that you adhere to the following procedures:

1. If they have already called the emergency hotline set up by the College, take their name and forward to:

Cornel Clark (Human Resources)
Erica Stephen (Human Resources)
Yahaira Colon (Human Resources)
Richard Belgrave (Environmental Health and Occupational Safety)
cc: Dee Dee Mozeleski (Office of the President and OIAC)

2. If the person has not spoken to anyone via the emergency hotline, please ask for the following information:

  • Name
  • Confirm if they are a student, staff or faculty member
  • EMPLID if they have access to it
  • Contact information
  • Does the person have symptoms? If yes what are the symptoms?
  • Last date on campus or last date they interacted with members of the campus community
  • Did the person have symptoms while on campus?
  • Have they been tested or are they under the care of a physician
  • Did student/staff/faculty/ friend test positive?​
  • If the person took/gave a class, what was the setup? (large or small class setting)

Email that information to:

Cornel Clark -
Erica Stephen -
Yahaira Colon -
Richard Belgrave -
cc: Dee Dee Mozeleski –

They will contact the Department of Health (DOH) and the DOH staff will do a risk assessment, followed by the drafting of (if necessary) a notification protocol. If the caller is a student, and the DOH determines that notification is required to other members of the campus, then Human Resources will notify Celia Lloyd and Wendy Thornton to take the lead on that outreach. Immediately upon completion of the risk assessment, Deans and/or Department Heads will be asked to co-sign a letter to their respective communities and templates for the different types of letters required will be shared at that point.

I have attached a copy of the official DOH and New York State notification guidelines and ask that you please read both documents, which outline the full identification and notification process.

In closing, I have included two documents, which outline the notification process at the state and local level, but please feel free to reach out to anyone copied on this memo if you need any further guidance or have concerns that are not addressed in this document.


Dee Dee Mozeleski Signature

Dee Dee Mozeleski
Senior Advisor to the President
& Executive Director, The Foundations for City College
(The 21st Century Foundation & The City College Fund) &
The Office of Institutional Advancement and Communications

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