Statement on Transgender Bathrooms

Regardless of changes in federal regulations requiring educational institutions to allow transgender students to use the restrooms corresponding with their gender identities, CCNY will continue to make that choice available to anyone on our campus. It is our duty, in every way we can, to make each person at CCNY feel supported and accepted—and for transgender students, this partly means respecting their choice of which restroom to use.

Anyone who sees this as merely a matter of bathroom policy is missing the point. Every day, we face choices about whether to include the whole people in our embrace, or find reasons to exclude some of them. As those decisions pile up, they define who we are and what society we wish to inhabit. We can be divided by fear, and prejudice and mistrust, or we can rise above division into the light of a deeper and broader understanding of the human experience, and enjoy the strength that this understanding affords.

Vincent Boudreau Signature

Interim President Vince Boudreau

(You will find information on health and safety resources available at CCNY, as well as our statements of college policy on sex, gender and gender violence issues at

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