President’s Cabinet Meeting Minutes - February 16th. 2021


  • Alex Couzis, Interim Dean, Grove School of Engineering
  • Diana Cuozzo, Chief Diversity Officer, and Title IX Coordinator
  • Daisy Dominquez, Interim Chief Librarian
  • Teresa Flemming, Executive Associate to the President
  • Erica Friedman, Interim Dean of the CUNY School of Medicine
  • Ken Ihrer, Vice President of Operations and Coronavirus Coordinator
  • Erec Koch, Dean, Division of Humanities and the Arts
  • Felix Lam, Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Edwin Lamboy, Interim Dean, School of Education
  • Tony Liss, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Celia Lloyd, Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
  • Bradley Horn, Acting Dean, Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture
  • Juan Carlos Mercado, Dean, Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at CWE
  • Pat Morena, Executive Director of Public Safety
  • Dee Dee Mozeleski, Senior Advisor to the President and VP, Office of Institutional Advancement and Communications
  • Paul Occhiogrosso, Executive Counsel to the President
  • Susan Perkins, Dean, Division of Science
  • Andrew Rich, Dean, The Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership
  • Sherri Rings, Director of SEEK
  • David Robinson, Assistant Vice President, Office of Facilities Management
  • Teresa Scala, Special Projects Administrator – Office of the Provost
  • Mary Ruth Strzeszewski, Associate Provost and Chair, CCNY Graduate Constituent Council
  • Rose Marie Wesson, Interim Associate Provost for Research
  • Karen Witherspoon, Vice President, Division of Government, Community & Cultural Affairs
  • Andrew L. Wooten, Senior Director of Innovation Management and Business Development


  • Rajan Menon, Chair, Committee on Personnel Matters
  • Johanna Urena, Special Project Manager for Presidential Initiatives, Office of the President


  1. Introduction, Vision statement, and progress against our goals. Following this presentation, we’ll ask you to spend a few moments with a small group in a breakout room discussing the application of this vision to your work.  


  1. Planning: There are many uncertainties surrounding the next semester or two, but we’ve recently been given directions from CUNY to act on the understanding that our campuses are different and a one size fits all approach to the pandemic probably won’t work.  We also face some unique challenges at CCNY, including a drop in enrollment that is steeper than virtually any senior campus in the system.  So, we have work to do.  We will discuss and/or initiate planning strategies around the following topics:
    1. Fall semester and Beyond
    2. Assessing our effectiveness
    3. Enrollment issues
    4. Enhancing community safety during the pandemic


  1. Team Building Exercise 

President Boudreau opened the meeting by welcoming Andrew L. Wooten, Senior Director of Innovation Management and Business Development to the Cabinet.

President Boudreau acknowledged that he will be undertaking a reset for this group of Cabinet members for two reasons. as far as how we could assess how well we did was by looking at the grade’s students received. He stated that first, it occurred to him that some have been having continuous conversations since 2016 and then there were some who have joined Cabinet over the last year without access to some of our early foundational conversations about what we are doing and where we are going with the college.  Therefore, he stated he wanted to start with a conversation of what his vision and hopefully our collective vision is and what path we set for ourselves, and where we are along that path. 

Vision statement:

President Boudreau stated that he wanted to get back to the way he was talking to the campus in 2016; getting back to core basic principles.  He stated, he continues to think that the college has been punching below its weight class for decades, that there is extraordinary work being done on this campus and for too long we have been satisfied with the public projection of who we are, what we do and why it’s important, centering on the accomplishments of our students. 

After discussing his vision for the college, President Boudreau asked that members of the Cabinet go into breakout rooms and think about the various elements of the vision he laid out; to think about things that everyone in the group is interested in or something that is unique to the school, department or division that is within their responsibility.

After reconvening from the breakout rooms, President Boudreau requested that everyone think about how the kind of division he laid out resonated with them.  President Boudreau asked that everyone think about what the opportunities and potentials are, then integrate them into conversations they have with those who report to them and into their own personal planning. He stated that this will be a part of an ongoing conversation we’ll be having over the course of this year.


   A. Fall semester and beyond 

President Boudreau stated that CUNY has given the colleges leeway to figure out what works specifically for their classes, the space they have, and to figure out how prepared we are physically to manage people safely.

  1. Assessing our effectiveness

President Boudreau stated that we now have two semesters of distance-learning. He stated, that in the first semester, what we had along with the kind of experiences they reported. Now we have the second class of students who would have taken on the assumption that they learn something in the first class, so figuring out how a student does in a second-order class and then using it to go back and see how we can do better with online learning.

  1. Enrollment issues

Provost Liss and VP Lloyd spoke about the Enrollment Task Force Committee that consists of a number of faculty and staff members.  Deans have also been invited to join or send a representative to meetings.

Provost Liss stated their first goal is to figure out what data is needed to answer key questions like: Why is our enrollment lagging behind other colleges that we should be competitive with

  1. Enhancing community safety during the pandemic:

       1. Do we have the resources to think about doing testing on this campus?

       2. Do we have the resources to think about a more sophisticated contact tracing mechanism?

       3. Do we have the resources to do other things that mobilize our capabilities to keep the campus safe?

President Boudreau stated that we need to figure out how we can imagine the relationship between the resources we have and the needs of the pandemic and how we can mobilize those; then assessing our effectiveness.  Academic units in consultation with those in the Provost’s office should be thinking about whether students are learning what we are trying to teach. Also, we should begin to authorize conversations about the continuation of work from home arrangements, the assessments of what’s been working and was not working.  

President Boudreau also stated that each of these planning efforts will be the subject of some work in between this meeting and the next, constituting some of the bodies to do the assessment and to look at community safety then we will be bringing the results of the assessments back to cabinet as a prelude to talking to the campus community about what we’re going to do in these areas.

  1. Team Building Exercise

President Boudreau stated that trying to get the most out of our campus community begins with building trust. The group that meets in Cabinet now is very different than the group that met in the past.  Dean Rich volunteered to facilitate this section where two Cabinet members introduced themselves.

Dean Rich stated that our interactions are more transactional and we don’t have a chance to get together with one another and as a result our relationships began to suffer. The idea is to share something about yourself so that we get to know each other more deeply.

VP Mozeleski and Dean Perkins volunteer to share something about themselves.  At our March Cabinet meeting, VP Ihrer and VP Lloyd will share something about themselves.

Meeting adjourned at 12:02 PM.



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