President's Cabinet Meeting Minutes - October 6, 2020

Via Zoom Meeting


  1. Performance Management Process (PMP) Goals
  2. Methodology used for College Rankings
  3. Advising Issues
  4. Hope4College Survey
  5. Winter Enrollment/Marketing Outreach.


  • Alex Couzis, Interim Dean, Grove School of Engineering
  • Diana Cuozzo, Chief Diversity Officer and Title IX Coordinator
  • Daisy Dominquez, Interim Chief Librarian
  • Teresa Flemming, Executive Associate to the President
  • Erica Friedman, Interim Dean of the CUNY School of Medicine
  • Ken Ihrer, Vice President of Operations and Coronavirus Coordinator
  • David Jeruzalmi, Chair, The Faculty Senate
  • Erec Koch, Dean, Division of Humanities and the Arts
  • Felix Lam, Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Edwin Lamboy, Interim Dean, School of Education
  • Tony Liss, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Celia Lloyd, Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
  • Lesley Lokko, Dean, Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture
  • Juan Carlos Mercado, Dean, Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at CWE
  • Pat Morena, Executive Director of Public Safety
  • Dee Dee Mozeleski, Senior Advisor to the President and VP, Office of Institutional Advancement and Communications
  • Paul Occhiogrosso, Executive Counsel to the President
  • Susan Perkins, Dean, Division of Science
  • Andrew Rich, Dean, The Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership
  • Sherri Rings, Director of SEEK
  • David Robinson, Assistant Vice President, Office of Facilities Management
  • Teresa Scala, Special Projects Administrator – Office of the Provost
  • Mary Ruth Strzeszewski, Associate Provost and Chair, CCNY Graduate Constituent Council
  • Johanna Urena, Special Project Manager for Presidential Initiatives, Office of the President
  • Rose Marie Wesson, Interim Associate Provost for Research
  • Karen Witherspoon, Vice President, Division of Government, Community & Cultural Affairs


Rajan Menon, Chair, Committee on Personnel Matters
Geraldine Murphy, Director of the Honors Center

President Boudreau opened the meeting by stating that we are almost two months into the semester and eight months into the pandemic.  People are becoming frustrated and  anxious not to have seen each other.  He shared a recent Hope4College survey done during the early stages of the campus closing in March, which highlighted that  more than 50% of our students have housing and food insecurities.  There are members of our staff and faculty who are having the same anxieties, added to any stressors felt because of a second wave of COVID and our current precarious political climate.

President Boudreau wants to make sure that everyone is taking care of themselves and the people around them.  He stated he also recognize that people in this meeting are the people that our campus community are taking their cues from.  President Boudreau acknowledged that there have been days in the past months where it has been hard to get up for the job and what keeps him going is the sense that people are watching how we navigate this situation; they are watching to see whether we are conveying hope and possibility, resilience and understanding for one another or if we’re letting the weight of what we’re living through weigh down on us.

President Boudreau also reminded everyone that they play the same role on campus. He expressed how he appreciates the efforts everyone is making for continuity and encouraged all to sustain those efforts.  He ensured everyone that their conduct is making an impression on people who are looking to us for leadership.

Announcements from President Boudreau

  • We should prepare to be 97.5% online in the Spring semester.
  • Dean Leslie Lokko has resigned her position as Dean of the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture.  Dean Lokko will be with us until the end of January 2021.  We will begin the search for an Interim Dean as soon as possible.
  • There is a state-wide COVID-19 dashboard that shows on a 14-day rolling schedule how many cases schools have.  We are down on that dashboard for having one case in the last 14 days. 
  • In recognition of the difficulty of giving us month by month budgets, CUNY has released a 7-month budget, with that budget they have withheld 20%.  This is because they still do not know what our state cut is going to be.  They are estimating that it could be anywhere from 10% to 20%.

Performance Management Process (PMP) Goals

President Boudreau is still working on the input from the last Cabinet meeting.  He will come back to some members of the senior staff to inform them on how he would like the goals to be shaped.  CUNY would like the college to specifically report on the following goals:

  1. Diversity of first-time Freshmen
  2. Retention numbers
  3. Graduation rates (which have doubled in the last 4 years from 12% to 24%. We have added 12% on our 6-year graduation rates).
  4. Career success:  What are our graduates doing when they leave college? How are we planning to position them for success?
  5. Faculty, staff & ECP Diversity
  6. Transfer outcomes:  How are we doing with transfer students?
  7. Academic momentum
  8. Pedagogical professional development linked to student success outcomes particularly in the context of Covid-19:  What are we doing in terms of professional development of our faculty to prepare them to teach and advise in a different way and possible do better with online instruction?

Some members of the Senior Staff have been assigned to obtain data and submit reports on each one of these areas. President Boudreau will be submitting his report and goals to CUNY at the end of October.

Methodology used for College rankings

The Wall Street Journal came out with an article discussing the Methodology of college rankings (Best Colleges 2021: Explore the Full WSJ/THE College Ranking List).  Some of the college survey leaders talked specifically about what methodology they’ve used and how they’ve done it. In the case of CCNY, while our overall academic rankings are high, we still see declines in how students feel engaged by the campus and how our alumni are connected after they have graduated. President Boudreau suggested that everyone on Cabinet should become familiar with how the various rankings work and that we will continue to work as a Cabinet, and as a college, to improve upon our rankings in all areas, which means assessment of how we operate at each level.

Advising Issues

VP Celia Lloyd reported that the college has an Academic Momentum committee and the Student Success committee, this committee is comprised of enrollment services staff, IT staff, representation from the Provost’s office and lead advisors who were appointed by the deans. The college also has the College-Wide Academic Advising Committee, convened by Dr. Millie Roth where only college-wide advisors sit on the committee.  The goal of this committee is to impart timely information to the advisors and support their work. 

VP Lloyd also stated the college has implemented NAVIGATE (this is a CUNY-WIDE system), which is a predictive analytic service that permits colleges to advise students and allows you to follow students by allowing advisors to keep notes on each student in the system.  Notes can be shared with other departments within the college. The Financial Aid system and the Bursar’s system will be a part of NAVIGATE. This system will allow us to service our students better.  Advisors have been trained in order to rollout the NAVIGATE system in spring 2021.

President Boudreau stated that a new Institutional Research operation is being developed.  One specific task of the operation is going to be to work more closely with advisors to develop some predictive analytics; this will mean establishing communications from warnings that come up in NAVIGATE into a database and back to those who have direct contact with students.

A strong roll-out of the NAVIGATE System is needed and education about the various features in it including some analytics.  As we build out the Institutional Research operation, we should coordinate that with the needs of these advising operations.  We need to act on some of the recommendations we’ve received to establish financial aid workshops and other student initiatives.

Hope4College Survey

VP Mozeleski reported on our recent participation with the Hope4College organization to share a student-centered survey specific to emergency issues caused by the onset of COVID-19. Students are feeling vulnerable in terms of housing, healthcare, food and their connection to the college.  Our food insecurity numbers up about 40%.  We are discovering that students are not thinking of the college as a place where they can bring some of these problems. 
We have the food pantry, new investments in health and wellness.  Our students are shouldering the burden of the pandemic and of isolation on their own without coming to us.  It may be because they are not aware of all the resources and assets that students have.

There are scholarships and funds within departments that are not being allocated.  We have emergency grants to give to students who have financial difficulty and will be coordinating with other offices to ensure that everyone on campus knows about the various emergency aid available. There is a new report that is being worked on now, a survey for all graduate and undergraduate student asking questions specifically around scholarship needs emergency needs what types of things people are asking for money for.  The majority of asks have little to do with housing issues, food issues, medical bills and family issues; they center around tuition issues.

In an effort to have a better sense of our student’s well-being, President Boudreau asked, Ms. Lloyd, Ms.  Mozeleski, Ms. Cuozzo and Dean Rich to work together to create an outline that lists the kinds of wellness support we have to offer students.

Winter Enrollment/Marketing Outreach

We want to make a big push for the winter session. We will need class rosters very soon in order to promote broadly.

Meeting adjourned at 12:04 pm.

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