Working Group on Diversity & Inclusion

Statement: Diversity, Inclusivity, Equality & Respect

Our mission is to support diversity, inclusivity, equity, and respect within our community by providing guidelines and programming opportunities that serve the students, staff, and faculty of The City College of New York. We embrace diversity based on what we, as a community, gain from a multiplicity of perspectives, experiences, and ideas, stemming from, but not limited to, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, socioeconomic background, education, abilities, languages spoken, and citizenship status.

This multiplicity:

• represents the communities we serve;

• brings with it diversity of thought and perspective which leads to greater intellectual growth and creativity in addressing issues of our time;

• must be recognized and validated in order to nurture an environment where people can learn, work, and grow;

• transforms interactions among people within our community and outside the academic setting to promote a more equitable and just distribution of power both here at The City College of New York and beyond;

• empowers members of our community through democratic practices to claim a seat at the decision-making table and become advocates for the issues that affect underserved and underrepresented populations;

• enriches the learning experience of our students by actively exposing them to an environment where the ideas and values of all are equitably appreciated, which by itself elevates the flow of ideas;

• informs our relationships on campus and with the surrounding communities of Harlem, New York City, and the world beyond; and

• can achieve systemic change towards greater inclusion, equity, and respect for diversity.

Upcoming Initiatives


Three Sub-Working Groups:

Charge of the Working Group

To provide specific, actionable recommendations to CCNY to promote and support a safe, respectful, diverse and equitable environment in all aspects of Campus life and operation considering the natural diversity of students, faculty and staff of CCNY.

Personnel Equality and Fairness

Graciano Matos, Chair

Renata Kobetts Miller, Co-Chair

Pauline Pabon

Marlene Camacho

Cornel Clarke

Rosemarie Wesson

Kathlene McDonald

Nilda Sanchez-Rodriguez

Mira Morgenstern

Herbert Seignoret

Institutional and Academic Culture

Nancy Cardwell, Chair

Tiffanie Burt, Co-Chair

Doris Grasserbauer

Kaliris Salas-Ramirez

June Williamson

Marie Nazon

Joseph Fantozzi

Karin Block

Tamara Smalling

Jennifer Lutton

Marit Dewhurst

Yaari Felber-Seligman

Safe Environment

Katherine Mendis, Chair

Erica Wszolek, Co-Chair

Leonard Lewis

Joy Richards

Peter Brass

Sophie English

Rondell Goppy

Carlos Aguasaco

Erica Stephen

Joseph LoGuidice

Jasmin Salcedo

Diana Cuozzo

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