How to Use i-Declare

1. Go to City Central at:

2. Log in using your CCNY username and password.  It is the same username and password that you use to access your CCNY email.

3. Click on "My CCNY" and pick "i-Declare".

4. The following screen will appear:


5. In this example the current plan is displaying as Psychology-BA, and you want to change it to Psychology-BS.

6. You must answer the question "Are you currently a Macaulay Honors College Student?" in this case, the response is "No:,

7. Once you check the "Plan" box, you will notice that other items below it becomes active.  See the screen-shot below:


8. Once the "Change Plan" box is selected, to the right of that box, you will see the current plan displayed; Psychology-BA.

9. Select the "School" in which the plan is offered; in this example, the desired plan is offered by the Colin Powell School.  You must select the appropriate school from the drop-down menu.

10. Then slect the desired plan from teh "Plan" drop-down menu; in this example, the desired plan is PSYU-BS Psychology.  See the screen-shot below:


11. After you have chosen the "School" and "Plan", you msut click on the "Submit" button.

12. Once your request is submitted, a message will appear that includes your case number.  A confirmation email will be sent to your CCNY email.

13. The academic department will be notified of your intention and will review your request.

14. See the screen-shot below: