Senior Success Checklist

Start your job search in September of your senior year

Senior year is crunch time for job searching especially that fall semester when employers are hiring!! Make sure that you have in mind what your options are and keep an open mind on employment opportunities. Think about what career choice you have made and think about short term as well as long-term career goals. Also keep in mind, that if you get a head start and put in that willingness to commit to getting involved with our guidance you can have that job before graduation comes around!Schedule an appointment with your CPDI Career Coach to discuss your job search strategy.

Apply to the CPDI Senior Recruitment program if you did not complete the CPDI Internship Program

The CPDI Senior Recruitment Program ( ) can enable you to better prepare yourself for the workforce in terms of your resume, interviewing skills, networking, how to write a cover letter and many more tips that can develop your skills as a professional. More importantly, if you did not complete the Internship program, the recruitment program can bring you up speed on professionalism, job searching, resume as well as cover letter building and how to network with employers.Through completing the requirements of the Senior Recruitment, CPDI will market your resume to their employer contacts in effort to place you in your first job out of college.If you have already been participating in the Internship Program, the Senior Recruitment program manager will be in contact with you.

Update your resume and have it critiqued with your CPDI career coach

If you haven't done so already, update your resume with any new as well as relevant work experience, coursework, projects, skills, awards, objective/career statement, and volunteer work. We can assist you in create a resume that reflects your hard work, experience, academia but most importantly a resume that reflects you as a professional. Visit

Update your E-portfolio with your CPDI career coach

Keep your E-portfolio updated just in case an employer who is interested in interviewing you requests that you bring an E-portfolio or requests for you to email them your E-portfolio before you come in for the interview<span font-size:11.0pt;font-family:'times="" new="" roman';color:black;"="">Remember your E-portfolio is a great way to establish your work, experience, honors, awards, projects and much more in a unique professional manner.Visit

Use your network to assist you with your job search

Networking is key to learning about potential employment opportunities. Ask your fellow classmates, professors, and even the senior staff in your major department to see if there are any potential job opportunities. Make sure that when you use your networking skills and inquire about employment, be professional, courteous and patient. If you are unsure of your networking skill, attend a CPDI workshop on networking or schedule an appointment to meet with a Career Counselor, and view our calendar of events

Attend CPDI sponsored employer events

If you haven't done so already, we highly recommend that you attend sponsored employer events. Keep in mind that it's a good time, to attend those events. Many employers come to campus and collect resume for those job opportunities. You can even add that employer to your networking circle.  These employer events are not just for the employers to come visit our school. These employer events are here for you to take advantage of them. In addition, some of our major employers are actually City College alumni and they want to hire City College students. Visit

Attend Senior Conversation

By attending those Senior Conversations it will aid in your transition from college to the workplace. You will be ahead of the career game. Senior Conversations explores the personal side of making the transition like work/life balance or handling your finances. CPDI encourages you to attend in order to be that extra step ahead.Visit for the dates and times of the Senior Conversations,

Complete the Senior Survey

The Senior Survey is essential to completing because it helps City College understand more about the experience you had while you were a student.It also helps City College understand where the graduates are receiving employment. It is very important to remember, if you do not complete the senior survey YOU CANNOT PICK UP YOUR DIPLOMA.The Senior Survey will be made available through your CCNY Career Connections account.

Apply for gradution

Applying for graduation is essential, not just because you need to apply in order to receive a diploma and walk at Graduation in May. More importantly, if you don't apply for graduation, no one will do it for you.  Applying for graduation can be completed through CUNYFIRST. Go to your academics under student center and click apply for graduation.


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