Resume Writing for Alumni

Now that you are a few years into your career, your resume does change from what you had as a new college graduate. Below are some significant changes you will probably make to your resume.

  • Your education will move to the bottom of your resume because the employer will be focused on your experience not your GPA.
  • Your resume can be longer than 1 page.
  • Your resume must be tailored to the positions in which you are applying. Ensure your resume directly reflects the job description.
  • Your resume will have a Career Profile that highlights your experience and specific skills the employer is desires.
  • Your resume should include a Significant Accomplishments section.

If you feel you need some additional information regarding writing a resume please visit for a resume tutorial.


Quite often an experienced professional need to view some sample resumes to better understand how to create their resume. Visit to view great sample resumes. It is recommended that you view multiple sample resumes and pick and choose the different sections that work best to market your skills and experience.


Once you have completed your new resume, we strongly recommend that you have it critiqued by a career counselor at the Career and Professional Development Institute. Click HERE to submit your resume or schedule an appointment.  

Last Updated: 06/14/2023 10:43