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As a City College graduate you may want to gain some practical job experience in your major field of study.Finding a job in any country can be quite a daunting task and with the current economic environment in the United States, it can become even more challenging for international students.One of the first steps in obtaining a position in the United States is to have a thorough understanding of the process and procedures required for you to be able to obtain legal work.

Common Immigration Classifications with Employment Benefits

F-1 is a status that allows an international visitor to study full time in the United States.This status has several employment benefits including the opportunity to work on City College or any CUNY campus, at an internship and full time after graduation.For information regarding employment authorization, see your International Student Adviser located in the Office of International Students and Scholars.

¨On Campus Employment

International students with F-1 immigration status may be authorized to work on campus at any City University campus.Visit the Human Resources Department, Room 53 located in Shepard Hall to obtain more information.


International students with F-1 immigration status may be authorized to work off campus in employment that is directly related to their major field of study.Part time during the Fall and Spring semesters when school is in session and full time during the January winter break and the summer annual vacation.

¨Full Time Employment After Program Completion

International students with F-1 immigration status may be authorized to work anywhere in the United States on a full time basis after degree completion for twelve months.Students with a science, technology, engineering or mathematic degree may apply for a 17-month extension for a total of 29 months of employment.This employment benefit is Post-Completion Optional Practical Training.

Visa Information and Resources

  1. The U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) provides information on visas and work authorization.
  2. The City College of New York Office for International Students and Scholars Services, provides advice and technical support to international graduate students at City College in obtaining and maintaining their non-immigrant visa status in the United States, including

1.Immigration Counseling/Advisement

2.Employment Authorization Assistance

3.Legal Advisement fir F-1 nonimmigrant Status Holders

4.Travel (Visa/U.S. Re-entry)

Tips To Assist International Students in Preparing for the Employment Search

In the United States, it is your responsibility to find a job upon graduation.If you want to improve your chances in securing a job, please do the following

1.Start the process of obtaining an internship or coop position at least 3 months prior to the time you want to start.(you must complete 1 full semester of studies before you can apply for an internship.)See your International Student Adviser for assistance.

2.Start the process of searching for a full time job at least 8 months prior to graduation

3.Apply for OPT during your final semester of enrolled coursework and get your temporary work authorization.

4.Go to the Career Center to obtain assistance with developing a resume and cover letter that is tailored for the US market place.

5.Meet with a staff member in the Career Center or attend a workshop on how the job application process works in the United States

6.Seek assistance on how to successfully interview in the United States by attending an interviewing workshop, watching DVD's at the Career Center and signing up for mock interviews.

7.Take time to learn the proper protocol when interacting with employers. The Career and Professional Devlopment Instituteer offers various workshops regarding resume and cover letter writing, job search, and interviewing.

How to Find a Job in the United States

  1. Network by attending career fairs, information sessions and conferences for students with your career interests
  2. Check the hidden job market.
  3. Research exporters to your country.
  4. Identify U.S. companies actively conducting business in your home country.
  5. Identify others people from your home country who are officers or owners of companies.
  6. Network with other people from your home country who have jobs in the U.S.
  7. Network with former international students with jobs in the U.S. (internships or H1-B)
  8. Research and consider working for smaller companies.
  9. Identify companies in rural areas that are exporting.
  10. Check with your home country consulate.
  11. Attend International job fairs (Google this to find these events in major cities)

Resources and Guides

The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas, Jean-Marc Hachey, ISSI, Inc.

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Directory of Foreign Firms Operating in the United States, World Trade Academy Press

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