Even though you had a position in the military, it does not mean that is your career path.  Here are some things you may want to consider.

  • You want to ensure that you are in the right major to be able to achieve your career goals.  If you need help identifying your major or your career goals, schedule an appointment with a CCNY Career Counselor
  • Identify how your military position relates to a civilian position.  Visit - Military to Civilian Occupation Translator to identify a civilian job title for your military career.
  • Research the civilian job titles to better understand the skills, education and experience needed for the profession.  Click HERE for more resources to explore your major.


CPDI provides a great resume writing tool that will assist you in writing your resume.  You can use that TUTORIAL to help you write your resume but here are some other things to consider when writing your resume.

  • Ensure your veteran status is highlighted on your resume.  Some employers give preference to veterans.
  • Use civilian key words when creating your resume.  Visit - Military to Civilian Occupation Translator.  Once you have identified the civilian job titles, research those job titles on various online job boards to better understand the key words and civilian terms associated with those job titles.
  • If you have a security clearance, ensure that the type of security clearance is highlighted on your resume.  Some employers will look specifically for security clearances.
  • Schedule an appointment with a CCNY Career Counselor to have your resume critiqued.


Please be sure to review all the resources under the Student link of the CPDI website regarding career planning and your job search.  In addition to those resources, below are links to job search websites specifically for Veterans. 

Last Updated: 06/14/2023 10:46