Freshman Success List

Apply to the CPDI Explorer Program

The Explorer program allows students who have been having a difficult time deciding on a major decide on what major to choose. You work one on one with your career counselor, complete career assessments, explore career paths, speak with academic departments and alumni in your potential major.Visit

Decide on a Major

When deciding on a major, keep in mind that the Explorer Program can assist you with selecting a major that best suits you. You will take a career assessment, which you can interpret, one on one with your career counselor. It is very important to keep in mind that the major you chose relates to the career field that you are interested in pursuing.

Explore What You Can Do with Your Major

You can explore what you can do with your major by clicking on the following link, . On our website, we have provided the different career options you have with each major by providing all the possible fields that are under that career path.You can also schedule an appointment to meet with your Career Counselor further discuss your major and career path.

Academic Success

Struggling??- Seek Help

Keep in mind you can receive tutoring services. There are numerous tutoring services available for all academic needs;here is the link to all tutoring services, In addition, each academic department offers some form of tutoring. Stop by your academic department and ask them directly.If you need help with your writing visit the Writing Center, here is the link to their website, The Writing Center is located on the 3rd floor entrance of the NAC, right outside the NAC Plaza.

Maintain a Strong GPA

Starting your freshman year off with a strong GPA provides you with not only a good foundation for the rest of your college career but EMPLOYERS look at GPAs as key to see how successful students are in their academic career. Your GPA is a reflection of your hard work as well, take responsibility of putting your best foot forward in order to maintain that strong GPA. More importantly, for those of you that have a full financial aid scholarship, maintaining that GPA is key to keeping your scholarship. Remember a good GPA keeps your scholarship in effect.

Get Involved on Campus

Getting involved on campus is essential not only because you create friendships or meet new people but also think about networking. Becoming more involved on campus can enable you to become acquainted with people who can even connect you to important events or job/internship opportunities.Employers also love to campus involvement on a resume. Visit the website of Student Life and Leadership at to learn more about how to become involved on campus.


Volunteer work is important not just for helping others or joining in on something you feel passionate about but it can also enable you to add on to your experience. Volunteer work is always a plus and it showcases how you are diligent about taking time out and gaining the experience you need for your future.

Visit for City Serve Volunteer opportunities.

Find a summer internship or summer job

Finding a summer internship or job is important because it can be the start of your job experience. Many of you have not had that first job experience. Your freshman year is a perfect time to start looking for that summer job. It's a great way to gain experience and a productive way to spend your summer. Visit these links for our internship program, and CCNY Career Connections job database,

Develop Your Network

Developing your network can be done in more than one way. Joining clubs, associating yourself with your department, become more involved in learning about the career center, student life and student government can increase your network group.Joining school wide events such as the Majors Jamboree. Club Fair, Lavender Week, Career Fairs, Career Panels, your major department events and even speaking to your professor as well as fellow classmates can all lead to developing your networking skills. Interacting and becoming a part of the CCNY community can make your network bigger than you can ever imagine. Visit the CPDI website for more information on all our events. Also visit student life's website, information on student clubs and organizations.

Update Your E-portfolio

At Freshman Orientation you started your E-portfolio with your personal statement and throughout your freshman semesters you have received assignments from CPDI to help you keep your E-portfolio up to date. This E-Portfolio can enable you to construct a portfolio of all your skills, experience and applied learning. Why do an E-Portfolio? It can also help gather your work and compile all the work, projects as well as coursework that you have completed so far through your college career.Remember, an employer is going to be asking you about this information in an interview and it is critical that you are prepared so you can beat out your competition.

Visit CPDI's website at to access your E-portfolio or schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to discuss your E-portfolio.

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