Sophomore Success List

Declare your major with your advisor

Declaring your major is an important step to take when moving forward in your college career and future career path. Through our Explorer Program, you can work with a counselor to pick out a major that best suits you. You will work one on one with a career counselor in taking an assessment, interpreting your results and narrowing down the career options you have based on the assessment. In addition, taking initiative on declaring your major can enable you to get ahead of the game and graduating on time. 

Review your academic plan with your advisor

Be Strategic - When reviewing your academic plan with your advisor plan strategically. Remember it is best to finish all your requirements and diversifying your classes by subject in order to have a variety in your workload. Keep in mind that time and planning is everything. For those that are receiving financial aid, PELL only pays for 6 years of your bachelor's degree and TAP only pays for 4 years. Therefore planning your academic schedule is key to being successful in completing your bachelor's degree in a timely manner. By the end of your sophomore year you should have between 30-59 credits. More importantly, make sure that you take 4-5 classes at a time in order to stay on track in order to graduate in the standard 4 years, if your goal is to complete your bachelors in 4 years. 

Stay Involved/Research/Special Projects

Once you have declared you major, one of the goals that you should keep in mind is staying involved. Stay involved with your major. Keep up to date with the latest news, research, facts about your major. Get involved in special projects that your classmates may be conducting in or even outside of class. Get involved with the student club or organization related to your major (here's the student clubs list, ). Ask your faculty if they have any research that you can help with.Staying involved can help you further develop your interest in your field, major and future career. 

Apply to and complete the requirements for the CPDI Internship Program Fall of your sophomore year.

Applying and completing the Internship Program can give you a head start in your career goals. You can have a fully developed resume, interview experience, and most importantly you have the opportunity of scoring an internship. Once you complete the program requirements, CPDI markets your resume to their employer contacts.An internship helps you not only identify what you want to do but also what you don't want to do.Remember, employers like to see at least 2 internships on a resume. Visit

Learn how to interview and practice your interviewing skills

Through our internship program, you can learn how to interview and practice your interviewing skills early on. You can learn how to even dress professionally and give that firm handshake that is one of the first impressions you make in front of your potential employer.Remember…the resume gets you the interview and the interview gets you the job/internship. 

Secure your summer internship

Securing an internship is a 3-4 month process and you must plan time to do everything needed to secure an internship.Additionally, some employers start looking for their summer interns in the Fall. CPDI can help you find a summer internship through the Internship Program,

( ) but remember there is a time commitment. CPDI can help you find an internship potentially within your major/future career environment. 

Use your network for professional development opportunities

Using your network for professional development opportunities is necessary at times. Think of your network as all the people that you have met in your time here at City College (peers, faculty and administration). You also have to include your friends and family.These people can aid you in finding out and learning of opportunities that are not promoted or spoken of as much as others. Your network is one of the ways that you can learn about professional development opportunities.If you are unsure of your networking skill, attend a CPDI workshop on networking ( or schedule an appointment to meet with your Career Counselor,

Attend CPDI sponsored employer events

By attending CPDI sponsored employer events you can learned about career and even possible employment opportunities through the employer. Through these events, at times, you can even personally hand in your resume for job opportunities.This is your opportunity to make a great first impression on the employer in hopes of securing an interview for the internship they may have available.

Attend CPDI professional development workshops

By attending these professional development workshops, you can broaden your knowledge and practice your professionalism. You can develop your networking skills, improve your resume, learn how to write that cover letter or learn how to interview and further your own knowledge of professional development overall. Visit for all our upcoming workshops and events.

Update your E-portfolio with your CPDI career coach

Updating your E-portfolio with your CPDI Career Coach can enable you to add on to your E-portfolio. Remember your E-portfolio showcases who you are as a professional and professional progress you have made throughout your sophomore year. Your CPDI Career Coach can help you think through your experiences and help you clearly articulate those experiences. Remember your E-portfolio showcases your academic work, professional, career goals, projects, honors and much more.

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