Junior Success Checklist

Review your academic plan with your advisor

When reviewing your academic plan, make sure to take note that you're on track for graduation. By now, you should have completed all of your core requirements and you should have started taking your major classes already as well. Take note that if you are planning to graduate in 4 years by the end of your junior year, you should have between 60 –89 credits. Checking with your advisor is one of the most important tasks you have as an undergraduate student.

Maintain a strong GPA

You should maintain a strong GPA because EMPLOYERS will look at your GPA as key to see how successful students are in their academic career so far. Your GPA at this point is a reflection of your hard work from when the time you started your freshman year up until now. Your GPA is important not only for academic purposes or employers take note of your GPA but because opportunities that come your way will take note of your GPA as well. For example, scholarships, fellowships, internships, job opportunities, FAFSA (financial aid), graduate schools, transfer schools and many more take note of your GPA. Your GPA is a small reflection that plays a big part of how all the opportunities listed can be

Update your resume and have it critiqued with your CPDI career coach

Now is the time when you should update your resume with any new work experience, club activities/participation, awards that you have received, volunteer work, projects and even put in your coursework to showcases all the classes that you have taken in your major that better assist in showing your persistence in wanting to gain more knowledge and experience in your career field. Visit http://careerdevelopment.ccnysites.cuny.edu/contact_career_counselor/ to schedule that appointment.

Update your E-portfolio with your CPDI career coach

You should also regularly update your E-portfolio in order to showcase any new information that can better show who you are as a professional in the career that you are pursuing.Make sure to list any projects, coursework, awards, honors, certifications and anything that promotes, supports and showcases your academic success as well as your hard work is beneficial to placing on your E-portfolio.https://ccny.digication.com/

Practice your interviewing skills

Even though you have been through mock interviews with CPDI and have learned how to interview, it is critical that you continue to practice. Schedule an appointment(s) on the CPDI mock interview schedule to continue to practice your interview skills.

Consider running for office in student club or organization

Running for office in a student club or organization can put you in the social spotlight. You can build networks that way as well as Senior Staff connections. Many organizations/clubs are affiliated with different departments on campus. You can gain valuable experience in the process and grow your network as well.

Apply to the CPDI Internship Program if you did not already do so in your sophomore year.

If you haven't applied to the Internship Program (http://www.ccny.cuny.edu/cpdi/internship-program-description.cfm ), it's time to apply to gain that experience employers desire. An internship not only looks great on your resume because of the experience you gain but it shows that YOU, as a student can juggle and time manage work, class as well as school work all at once. It shows that you are a hard worker, organized and willing to gain experience at any cost.If you already applied and completed the requirements as a Freshman or Sophomore, you do not need to apply again.The CPDI Internship Manager will be reaching out to you.

Secure Your Summer Internship

Remember, securing an internship is 3-4 month process and you must plan time to do everything needed to secure an internship.CPDI can help you find a summer internship through the Internship Program(http://www.ccny.cuny.edu/cpdi/internship-program-description.cfm ) but remember there is a time commitment. CPDI can help you find an internship potentially within your major/future career environment. 

Attend CPDI sponsored employer events

CPDI has sponsored employer events on campus weekly during the semester in order for employers to come in to meet the students. They are coming to City College to inform you about job or internship opportunities. These opportunities are not to be taken for granted! Employer events are a great way to network, meet new people and sometimes you can even network your way into getting that job or internship opportunity that the employer has come to promote! For a list of these events, visit the CPDI Calendar of Events at https://ccny-csm.symplicity.com/calendar/index.php/pid509471?.

If you are considering going to graduate school start researching schools and follow the Graduate School Application timeline

For those of you that want to further your career academia and get that Master's Degree begin looking into Graduate Schools now. Many schools begin accepting applications the fall semester of your senior year and some college graduate school programs do not accept applications for spring admission. Research the program that you want to pursue and begin your application. Also make sure that you have given yourself ample time to take any extra exams you may need or even the GRE. Visit CPDI to get assistance in figuring out what graduate school program would be great for you! Visit the CPDI graduate school timeline webpage at,


The GRE also known as the Graduate Record Examination is the exam that most colleges/universities require as part of your application to their graduate school program. Make sure to have taken the GRE at least 2-3 times in order to better your chances of getting a better score with each time you take it. Moreover, you can receive tutoring for the GRE through the Kaplan Program. They have classes, one to one sessions and practice exams as well. We also have GRE test prep books to help you prepare!

City College has 60+ graduate degree and certificate programs and you already have the advantage of being familiar with its distinguished faculty and their work. Discuss with your major advisor if one of the graduate programs at City is the right choice for you and your future career. 


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