Degree Requirements

Students may pursue one of two options:

Option A–No Thesis: 36 credits.
Option B–Thesis: 33 credits and a thesis.

The decision should be made at least one semester prior to the completion of the program.

Required Courses

B0000: Microeconomic Analysis, 3 credits
B1000: Macroeconomic Analysis, 3 credits
B2000: Statistics and Introduction to Econometrics, 3 credits
B2100: Foundations of Empirical Research, 3 credits

Elective Courses

Option A–No Thesis
Additional graduate courses 24
Option B–Thesis
B9900: Thesis Research 3
Additional graduate courses 21

Additional Requirements

GPA: Course work must be completed with a grade average of B or better.
The required courses, B0000, B1000, and B2000 must be completed with B- or better grade.