Majors & Minors in Economics and Business


Majors in Economics and Business

The department offers fields in Economics, Business Administration & Management, and Finance.  All of those fields have the same initial 8 courses required, they only branch off toward the end.  These 8 courses are divided into Primary Courses and Major Core Courses.  

Each student must select a Field from

Each field has a capstone, which students must take in the senior year.  The course numbers indicate that 100-level are for freshman; 200-level are for sophomores; 300-level are for juniors; 400-level are senior-level and capstone.

Primary Courses

The initial required courses are the Primary Courses:

- Principles of Management
- Principles of Microeconomics
- Principles of Macroeconomics (ECO 10150, 10250, and 10350)
- Calculus

*These are prereqs (not co-reqs) for all of the later courses.  

They can be taken all at once or in any order.  In order to take calculus (usually Math 205, sometimes 201), the math department has its own prereqs.  Many students will be required to take a placement exam, to figure out where to begin.  New majors should take calculus as soon as possible; if the placement exam requires pre-calculus then this class should be taken immediately.  If more preliminary math classes are required then the student is advised that this major might not be appropriate!  For example if a student starts with math 80, they next must take math 90, then 195, then calculus – so there will be 4 semesters before the student can take any ECO classes at 200-level or above.

Major Core Courses

The Major Core Courses are:

- Statistics
- Intermediate Micro
- Intermediate Macro
- Accounting
- ECO 201, 202, 203, and 204.

* These have the Primary Courses as prereqs and are themselves prereqs for later ECO classes.

For transfer students

If you are a transfer student, Welcome!  
Please note that there are limits on the amount of courses that can be directly transferred for major credit.  Of the 43 credits required for the major, 60% (so 26 credits) must be completed here at CCNY. Subject to that limit, you can transfer all of the Primary courses, up to 2 of the Major Core courses, but only 1 Field course.  Any remaining courses will count as electives (2 could be major electives), helping you toward the 120 credits required for graduation.

B.A./M.A. program

The B.A./M.A. program is an intensive program that affords academically gifted undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain an M.A. degree along with a B.A. degree. Entering students with a superior high school record making them eligible for Freshman Honors and sophomores or juniors with a B+ overall average are eligible for the B.A./M.A. program.
In addition, of course, non-majors from disciplines across the college take economics courses to improve their understanding of the world we live in.

Minors in Economics and Business

Non-majors from disciplines across the college take economics courses to improve their understanding of the world we live in.
Students can choose between the following minors:

Students with a major in management may complete a minor in economics or vice versa.
Students wishing to major in these areas should fill out a major card and bring it to an advisor.  Major cards are available from the Registrar, division, or department.
The major code for management is 355; the major code for economics is 353.
The department has a list of advisors with office hours.  Students should visit during office hours.  If you cannot meet your assigned advisor at a convenient time, find an advisor whose office hours match your schedule.

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